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Are physicians a mystery? To many of us, yes. Physicians perform one of the most valuable personal services in the world. They care for our bodies in the most intimate of ways. We place our lives in their hands and trust they have our best interest at heart. But how much do we really know of physicians and their inner world? Relatively little. The environment for practicing medicine has changed dramatically over the past few decades. The commoditizing of physicians and their work frequently causes a dehumanization of the doctor and the doctor/patient relationship not to mention the connections between physicians and other staff. Due to the training, practice culture, constraints, liabilities, and pressures placed on physicians today, they often cannot practice the kind of personalized, relationship-enhancing medicine that would benefit both patient and caregiver.

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In this monograph Dr. Herdley Paolini does a great service by opening the inner world of physicians and helping us understand them, how to relate to them, and how to best support them in their critical role in healthcare. Her insights will be of great value to everyone from hospital administrators and clinical staff, to insurance providers, government agencies, and anyone who interacts with physicians.

The AdventHealth Healthcare and Leadership Monograph Series is rooted in the intellectual capital of employees at AdventHealth - the largest admitting hospital in America. Monographs in this series provide focused, expert, relevant, and affordable training to interested individuals and organizations on a specific topic. Because of AdventHealth's history, as well as a vast array of business and medical innovations, the monograph series covers topics with a unique whole person health undertone.

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Dr. Herdley Paolini earned her Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology at Western Michigan University. She has more than twenty-five years of experience in the counseling field. For the past six years, she has been directing Physician Support Services at AdventHealth the largest admitting hospital in America. As a member of the medical staff, Dr. Paolini has established and maintained the first and only hospital-based clinical practice for physicians in the country. Prior to her present position, she served as a psychologist and teacher at Andrews University in Michigan, where she also maintained a private practice.

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