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Who Does the Celebration Executive Health Program Serve?

We serve top executives and their leadership teams, as well as any health conscience individuals, couples and elite athletes seeking convenient, comprehensive and personalized care.

Will My Insurance Cover My Assessment?

We are a self-pay practice and we DO NOT accept insurance. All payments are collected on the day of service. Our office accepts all major credit cards. If you choose to file your own insurance, there is no guarantee of reimbursement and AdventHealth Celebration Executive Health Program will not be held responsible nor are we able to assist with filing insurance.

What Is the Cost of My Assessment?

Charges for your assessment are based on your specific health history and your current health status. Our client service representative will provide information and pricing for our services to you via email upon request. After reviewing your family history, lifestyle, symptoms or other risk factors, your physician may determine that additional tests, consultations or counseling are recommended. All recommendations will be discussed with you in advance.

Can I Opt Out of Specific Services Within My Assessment?

We have designed three basic levels of assessments that can be adjusted; however each element of our program was specifically developed to be comprehensive in nature. Many of the protocols we utilize were initially developed in research studies conducted at AdventHealth Celebration. We offer what we believe is the best, most comprehensive series of corporate health assessments available in the world today. Feel free to discuss your requests with our Client Service Representative upon scheduling.

What If I Prefer to Add Specific Tests?

We can provide you with a list of optional tests that you may wish to add to your assessment. Your requests will be scheduled and/or considered by the physician in order to ensure that all screenings and tests are medically necessary. Tests can also be ordered on-the-day of your assessment per the discretion of the physician.

What Is Your Preferred Method of Payment?

The AdventHealth Celebration Executive Health Program accepts all major credit cards on the day of service. For your convenience, we also accept advance payments. Invoices are only provided to corporate executives whose company approve and has contracted with us for post-assessment invoicing. All other individuals will be provided an itemized invoice at the completion of their day that includes insurance codes for personal or corporate reimbursement. Insurance reimbursements may or may not be provided as coverage varies considerably.

How Long Will My Assessment Take?

The Celebration Executive Health Program is a full-day of comprehensive tests and screenings that provides our clients with a complete update on their health status in just one day.

How Far in Advance Do I Need to Schedule My Appointment?

In order for our team to provide an efficient and customized itinerary for your needs, we request that you schedule within a month prior to your requested date. However, we are often able to schedule clients within a 7 day period. For those with advanced scheduling needs, we are able to schedule appointments one year out. Those executives whose assessment is covered by their company should refer to their HR department for preferred scheduling frequency.

What Is the Procedure for Scheduling My Assessment?

Our Client Service Representative is available Monday–Friday from 10am–4pm for your scheduling convenience and inquires. Returning clients will be provided with periodic reminders via email that include available scheduling dates. Executive assistants, please have demographic information (full legal name, mailing address, phone numbers, and birth date) on hand to help us schedule efficiently.

When Will I Receive My Results?

Our goal is to provide all of your results on-the-day of your assessment and to provide a complete written report within 30 days of your visit. Upon request of our clients, we also prefer to share this information with your primary care physician.

Will My Personal Medical Records Be Helpful in My Assessment?

Yes, you may contact our medical records coordinator to receive our medical release form which can be given to your physician/specialists. All previous medical history that you can provide will be included in your Celebration Executive Health record and will be reviewed prior to your assessment.

Are My Results and My Visit Private?

Absolutely. Due to strict HIPPA regulations, none of your medical information, including knowledge of your visit, can be shared without your written consent.

Where Is the Celebration Executive Health Program Located?

We are conveniently located minutes from Orlando International Airport and just a few miles from Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. Many of our clients find our location to be a perfect place to take care of their two most precious assets, their health and their family. Our clinic is located at AdventHealth Celebration, a global destination for health care. Not only are we close to Walt Disney, we are located in a world-class, 50,000 square-foot Fitness Centre and Day Spa.

As a Celebration Executive Health Program Client, Can I Use Your Entire Facility?

Yes, not only will you have access to our Fitness Centre and Day Spa on the day of your assessment, we provide you with a 30-day complimentary membership to assist you in reaching your health goals. As a Celebration Executive Health Program client, you are encouraged to take advantage of our Day Spa services at a 20% discount. Many of our clients choose to end their day with a relaxing post-assessment massage or facial.

Can You Recommend Hotel and Travel Accommodations?

The Celebration Executive Health Program will provide information to help you select our preferred hotel accommodations. Orlando International Airport is utilized by many of our clients due to its close proximity to AdventHealth Celebration Executive Health

Can Spouses, Friends, Co-Workers and Loved Ones Participate in the Program?

Your spouse, friends and loved ones are welcome to schedule separately or on the same day that you visit AdventHealth Celebration Executive Health. Ask about our special spouse packages and our referral program.

Will I Need to Fill Out Pre-Assessment Questionnaires?

Yes, our client service representative will provide your questionnaire via email in your appointment confirmation. Once received, we request that you return your questionnaire promptly so that your physician has adequate time to thoroughly review your information, prior to your visit.

What Happens If I Have a Need for Specialized Follow Up Care?

AdventHealth Celebration Executive Health will provide all necessary referrals for any additional care you may need

Will I Receive Arrival Instructions?

Our Ambassador will send your specific arrival time along with detailed preparation and arrival instructions the week prior to your assessment date. Please note that your arrival time can be scheduled as early as 7 am Please notify the Client Service Representative with any requests.

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