AdventHealth Medical Group OB/GYN at Woodridge (“AHMG Woodridge OB/GYN”) is committed to protecting the security and privacy of our patients’ information. Regrettably, this notice is regarding a recent incident that impacted limited patient health information.

AHMG Woodridge OB/GYN recently discovered that an external hard drive used by the office to transfer OB/GYN ultrasound images from the ultrasound machine to a backup computer was potentially missing. We initiated a comprehensive search for the hard drive itself and a review to determine the data that had been stored on it as well as any security features – such as password protection or encryption.

We were ultimately unable to locate the external hard drive. We do not have reason to believe the information has been accessed by an unauthorized individual or misused in any way. However, based on the outcome of the investigation, we determined on June 20, 2022, that there was a potential for breach of certain unencrypted health information contained on the external hard drive, and therefore, are making you aware of the incident.

Importantly, no social security numbers, financial information, or credit card information was involved, as the external hard drive was not used to capture this information. Also, this incident did not involve access to the AdventHealth electronic medical record system. The incident only involved the external hard drive device.

The information on the device may have included patient name, patient identification number, date of birth, date of service, and the ultrasound images captured at the time of the service.

Protecting the privacy and security of information entrusted to AHMG Woodridge OB/GYN is very important to us, and we are taking steps to assist those who may be impacted and to ensure this does not happen again.

AdventHealth has secured the services of Kroll, a global leader in risk mitigation and response, to provide dedicated assistance with answering any questions about this incident, at (855) 5442840, Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Central Time, excluding major U.S. holidays. We are grateful for all who support the AHMG Woodridge OB/GYN practice and sincerely regret this situation and any concern or inconvenience it may cause.