A woman discusses treatment options with her spine doctor.

Spine Surgery Services and Specialties

According to Spine Health Services Research, low back pain is the leading cause of disability worldwide. In the United States, the total economic burden of low back pain has been estimated as high as $624.8 billion. Typically, physicians refer patients to a host of other specialists and healthcare professionals, which often results in a frustrating, costly and inefficient experience.

We established AdventHealth Medical Group Spine Health to facilitate a convenient and effective experience for our patients where we can address all of your medical needs in one location. Whatever your musculoskeletal condition, you’ll find the proper treatment at our facility.

Spine Conditions

The spine is comprised of three segments containing bones known as “vertebrae” which actually form the natural curves. These three segments are:

  • Cervical spine – this segment runs from the skull’s base to the upper chest and includes seven vertebrae
  • Thoracic spine – this segment runs from the upper chest to the middle back and connect to the rib cage and includes twelve vertebrae
  • Lumbar spine – this segment is located in the lower back and supports much of the body’s weight and includes five larger vertebrae.

The spinal cord connects the brain to the peripheral nervous system and functions as the body’s main information highway as it runs through each vertebra. Muscles and ligaments connected to the spine, providing vital support, stability, and strength. Additionally, the vertebral column houses small joints called “facet joints” which enable movement. While facet joints allow spinal rotation, these joints are a target for arthritis and neck and lower back pain.

Located between each vertebra are flat, round intervertebral disks that provide flexibility and strength and enable movement while strengthening the spine. Intervertebral disks act as a spinal shock absorber. Should these intervertebral disks become damaged, serious injuries can occur.

The following pages outline the most common types of injuries, other medical conditions and related symptoms and treatment options. AdventHealth Medical Group Spine Health works with each individual patient to effectively diagnose the problem and the best course of treatment.

Spine Surgery Treatments

At AdventHealth Medical Group Spine Health, we offer a variety of options for neck, back, and spinal conditions. This includes many painless, convenient, and effective services that can relieve and eliminate pain. Unfortunately, with certain conditions surgery may be the only viable option.

Patients of AdventHealth Medical Group Spine Health have direct access to a diverse group of musculoskeletal professionals. Our surgery team is led by Chetan K. Patel, M.D., a nationally renowned orthopedic surgeon and an expert in matters relative to the spine. We offer various minimally invasive and non-invasive surgical options for the treatment of all adult and juvenile conditions. Chetan K. Patel M.D. specializes in the following surgeries: