The Truth About Spine Surgery; Laser, Robotics, and Other Emerging Technologies

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The Spine Center at Altamonte is pleased to share with you that Dr. Chetan Patel will be hosting an upcoming lecture series providing answers to your questions about spine surgery; laser, robotics, and other emerging technologies. Dr. Patel will guide you through the myths and truths surrounding the best practices and outcomes for spine surgery.

The realities are disease management can be a revolving door in health care. New ideas and methods of treatment are frequently emerging in both the literature and in everyday best practice. Spine care is no exception. Dr. Patel is a pace setter in comprehensive spine care. Health care industry leaders and product developers regularly request formal support to help develop and implement new technology. This process firmly places Dr. Patel in a role of grading and advancing surgical technologies on a global level. In turn he is able to provide best in class care from any aspect of diagnosing and treating his patients.

Research is an integral part of advancing treatment for spine pathology and is an integral part of the Spine Center. It is an important initiative for the Spine Center since not only does it improve current standards of care but also provides opportunities to benchmark new innovative ways of approaching spine patients' specific needs. We are experts in the development and delivery of non-traumatic and minimally invasive treatment.

For more information contact us at Call407-303-5452. We will connect you to an event near you where you will have your questions answered by the expert. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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