The Sixth Pillar of Creation Health: “I” Is for Interpersonal Relationships

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In each of our lives, there are people who make us feel happy and confident – and others who have the opposite effect, perhaps making us feel down in the dumps. Both types of relationships can impact our mental and physical health. While positive relationships can provide emotional support and bolster a person’s overall wellbeing, toxic relationships can lead to negativity and even a lapse in your health. This is why the sixth pillar of the Florida Hospital CREATION Health model is “Interpersonal Relationships.” Keep reading for three ways in which positive interpersonal relationships can actually boost your health:

  • Stress reduction. Everyone knows that stress can negatively affect your body. Related impacts may include increased inflammation, depression, anxiety, anger, sleeplessness and fatigue. When you have someone with whom you can share your fears or concerns, you are more likely to be at ease.
  • Mental wellness. If the people with whom you surround yourself love and support you, then you will absorb that love and support. This positive energy is the best medicine for your mental health, and it’s highly contagious.
  • Physical healing. Positive support while you’re healing from an injury or surgery is proven to help decrease recovery time. Your state of mind before, during and after a treatment can make a tremendous difference in the final outcome. Watch our SpineU video to find out more about choosing your support system.

Positive interpersonal relationships are the foundation for building your mental and physical health – and this includes the relationship you have with yourself. If you are constantly putting yourself down and speaking negatively, then you are potentially damaging your health. Surround yourself with kind and positive people, and be kind and positive internally as well. Your mind and body will be grateful for the love.

The relationship you have with your medical team is equally as important to your overall wellness. If you’re experiencing back or neck pain, give The Spine Health Institute a call. Our multidisciplinary team will give you the support and care you need at every stage of treatment.

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