Merry Christmas From the Spine Center

A father and his toddler trim a Christmas tree.
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The holiday season means something different to everyone whether its memories of childhood trips to grandmas, the smell of cookies from the oven, brightly colored lights and packages, or just visions of the hustle and bustle outside. Whatever this time of year means to you take a moment to think about what it means to someone else. It is an experience like no other to be able to work with members of our community during some of their most difficult times. This holiday season The Spine Center is privileged to work with a very special family in our community in an effort to make their holiday wishes come true. Our team has come together in this season of giving to provide items of need to this deserving family including clothes and toys. We strive to live Florida Hospital’s mission to extend the healing ministry of Christ in all that we do. It is our great hope that we are able to touch the hearts of this family just as they have touched ours. The Spine Center embraces family, friends, and community not only during this special time of year but every day of the year. It is the community that inspires and drives us to provide a standard of care like no other.

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