Howard Hangs on the Sidelines With Herniated Disk

Orlando Magic game.
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Superstar Magic player, Dwight Howard, recently hit a speed bump on his road to success with the Orlando playoff bound team. Howard has been reported as having back pain as far back as March of this year. Since his reported back ailments began, he’s been diagnosed with having a herniated disk. An epidural injection and spine surgery have followed the painful diagnosis in an effort to repair the herniated disk, but unfortunately he will still be sitting out the remainder of the Magic season. This upset will not only cause Howard’s absence throughout the NBA playoffs, but his intended play for the US Basketball Team during the Summer Olympics is also now an impossibility.

No doubt, Howard will support both his Magic teammates and the US Olympic Team on the sidelines. His belief in team has not despaired and he still stands firm that a win is always possible, with our without his hands in the game. His efforts to avoid any future back problems should be successful with this herniated disk surgery and he looks forward to continuing on with his virtuous path in the NBA.

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