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Who doesn’t love a good game of golf? The fresh air, the beautifully landscaped greens, the thrill of competition… the occasional angry throw of a club, the loss of a prized ball in the water hazard, and the sporadic aching back the next day. It’s all part of the experience, right?

Actually, that part about your aching back shouldn’t be a common occurrence. But for some golf lovers, poor swing technique results in that lingering reminder of their full day on the course. Luckily, this pain can be prevented and your game significantly improved with the help of the Golf Fore Life program offered through the Spine Health Institute.

This specialty program is designed to help you discover your perfect golf stance and teach you the basics for keeping your spine safe through proper swing, balance and posture techniques.

“There isn’t one right way to swing a club, there are actually an infinite number of swing styles,” said Dr. Christopher Thurston Jr., a physical therapist at the institute. “The most efficient way for every player to swing is based on what the player can physically do without injuring their spine.”

Dr. Thurston and fellow therapists Holly Myers and Kaci Jacobs are Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) certified specialists who are dedicated to the study of how the human body functions in relation to the golf swing. They strive to help you improve your swing and protect your back by increasing the speed, strength and consistency of your movements.

The Golf Fore Life program uses a 12-point screening process that addresses your posture before, during and after your swing, your joint motions throughout the swing and your stability and positioning at the finish. The screening is facilitated by recording your swing on video, which allows for our experts to rewind and review your technique with you. Once complete, your screening results are used to create an individualized plan for you that may include fitness training, physical therapy and a referral to a coach to help improve your swing mechanics.

“Golfers will benefit the most from a healthy and efficient body,” said Dr. Thurston. “The Golf Fore Life program is here to help them get to that level.”

For more information about the Golf Fore Life program and our TPI certified specialists, call Call407-303-3451.

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