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Musically Talented Team Members Form First-ever AdventHealth Orchestra

In the AdventHealth Orchestra, physicians, clinicians and team members come together to help others feel whole through the healing power of music

Health care workers are accustomed to hearing a lot of sounds: beeping monitors, humming machines, overhead pages, rolling patient beds. Now AdventHealth health care workers have the opportunity to make their own sounds: the sounds of music.

The AdventHealth Orchestra is bringing together the best of AdventHealth’s musically talented team members and physicians, beginning with those who are in the Greater Orlando area.

The first of its kind at AdventHealth, the musical group is being directed by Richard Hickam, director of music and the arts for AdventHealth, whose original compositions include the Rise Up anthem.

Their first performance in 2021 was of Samuel Barber’s “The Adagio” to honor team members who’ve served on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as those who’ve lost their lives to the virus. Some of the orchestra members themselves have felt the pressure of the front lines.

In the AdventHealth Orchestra, physicians, clinicians and team members help others feel whole through music

"This particular piece was chosen because it has become a piece that has been recognized during times of national mourning,” Hickam said.

"I really can’t describe this feeling – to be together with colleagues that worked alongside you during this pandemic,” said Vincent Hsu, MD, executive director of infection prevention and violinist in the orchestra. “It just goes beyond words.”

Members of the AdventHealth Orchestra will dedicate time to about two concerts a year at AdventHealth or community events. The goal is to help people – including themselves – feel whole through music.

“Being able to play in the orchestra is a good opportunity for us to pause from our daily duties and responsibilities to reflect and take care of ourselves,” said Grace Lai, director of safety and high reliability at AdventHealth Orlando, also a violinist. “This is a good exercise to rebuild our own resilience.”

To see the orchestra in action, click here to watch local news coverage and click here for a behind-the-scenes video of how the orchestra was formed and what inspires the team members who have joined it.

Orchestra helps other feel whole through healing power of music

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