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Empowering the Next Generation: AdventHealth’s Comprehensive Learning Strategy

Chief Learning Officer Lamata Mitchell shares her perspective on the aspirational work underway to develop and grow a dynamic learning community.

When she assumed the role of first-ever chief learning officer for AdventHealth in March 2022, Lamata Mitchell, PhD, said, “It’s so exciting to come to this organization at a time when learning opportunities are expanding to help our team members learn and grow and ultimately fulfill their calling at AdventHealth.”

Mitchell leads the organization’s learning strategy across four communities – leaders, team members, future talent and clinical talent – through educational resources and opportunities offered by the AdventHealth Leadership Institute, the AdventHealth Learning Network, AdventHealth University and other educational partners.

Mitchell’s love of learning and her passion for the role she plays in cultivating a dynamic learning community at AdventHealth were the recent focus of a Healthcare Brew article about preparing the next generation of health care workers. A second HR Brew article explored the positive effect learning programs have had on team member growth and retention.

Both articles offer insight into how Mitchell approaches learning and development. As she shared with reporter Courtney Vinopal, “It’s a dream role for someone who lives and breathes learning and loves to talk about learning.”

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