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Compassionate Care Spans Generations

As she pursues her own journey, AdventHealth Winter Garden nurse pays tribute to her mom.

Michele Rice, senior nurse manager at AdventHealth Winter Garden, recalls her mom saying, “Don’t be a nurse. Do anything else.” Her mom spent 33 years as a nurse and knew well the challenges of the profession. However, Rice knew she wanted to be in a helping profession, so she initially pursued social work.

Then came her “ah-ha” moment, when she witnessed the compassionate care a nurse gave her mom during a hospital stay.

Now, she says, she would tell those considering a nursing career, “It’s a great profession. You get to feel just proud of yourself at the end of the day. You get to take care of patients and you do get to make a difference. And even if the patient outcome isn’t what you expected, you’re still making a difference with that family.”

Becoming a nurse, Rice says, is a great way to honor her mother. As one of AdventHealth’s 17,000-plus nurses, Rice says she has the opportunity to meet amazing people to work with, learn with and grow with.

Hear more about Rice’s journey by clicking the video above.

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