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AdventHealth Waterman Begins Expansion on Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit

Construction begins on a 10-bed expansion at AdventHealth Waterman
Construction begins on a 10-bed expansion at AdventHealth Waterman

TAVARES, Fla. – AdventHealth Waterman has begun a nearly $3 million construction project to expand its Inpatient Rehabilitation Center, growing from 12 to 22 beds.

This unit helps patients recover from serious medical conditions, life-altering events or accidents such as strokes, brain injuries, heart attacks, loss of a limb or spinal cord injuries.

"The patients who come to our inpatient rehab have had a major event. They've had an incident that has drastically changed their life, as well as their loved ones," said Dr. Kami Strong, medical director of inpatient rehabilitation services at AdventHealth Waterman. “Keeping them close to home, where family can attend therapy sessions and continue to provide them with needed support, is essential to help them recover.”

First opened in January 2020 as a 12-bed unit, AdventHealth reserved space to add more beds in the future.

Slated for completion this summer, these additional 10 beds will support the community’s growing needs, as the current unit operated at full capacity throughout most of 2023.

AdventHealth Waterman Inpatient Rehabilitation Center

Notably, all rooms in the Inpatient Rehabilitation Center at AdventHealth Waterman are private and the unit has specialized amenities, including a bariatric room tailored to accommodate patients weighing over 750 pounds, ensuring comfort and dignity for all.

Additionally, the unit incorporates state-of-the-art technology and equipment to support patients in their recovery and improve endurance and strength.

There is a 100-foot-long Vector Gait Bioness track system to help patients begin walking without the fear or risk of falling.

Also, the Bioness® Integrated Therapy System (BITS) helps patients improve their memory, balance, vision cognition and motor coordination.

For patients with limited arm and hand mobility, the unit’s ArmeoSpring system provides arm and hand training.

AdventHealth Waterman Inpatient Rehabilitation Center

In the gym, there is a hydraulic car that adjusts to the exact height of the patient’s personal car so patients can practice getting in-and-out of their vehicle safely.

Additionally, the unit provides realistic residential settings, a functional kitchen and laundry facilities, allowing patients to relearn and practice real-life scenarios, such as cooking or doing laundry at-home, while they are still in the hospital.

“A big part of inpatient rehab is helping patients practice the things that they did at home before their injury or medical episode,” said Delaine Guitian, AdventHealth Waterman inpatient rehabilitation services senior manager. “In our kitchen, they can practice making meals. In our suite, which is like an apartment, patients can practice safely getting in and out of a standard bed, doing laundry, and more, all to help them get ready to return home.”

Robins & Morton of Orlando will perform the construction, and when completed this summer, AdventHealth Waterman will grow to a 310-bed facility.

Once the expansion is finished, AdventHealth will have 144 inpatient rehabilitation beds across four locations in Florida at AdventHealth Daytona Beach, AdventHealth Tampa, AdventHealth Waterman and AdventHealth Winter Park.

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