New Testament Mission Receives Corn Flake Donation from AdventHealth

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As part of AdventHealth Cares yearlong celebration of their 150th Anniversary, Florida Hospital Heartland Medical Center donated nearly 1,000 bowls of Kellogg’s Corn Flakes to the New Testament Mission in Sebring to help feed the hungry.

Why Corn Flakes? A whole-person approach to health and healing set AdventHealth Care apart in 1886 and they began moving across the country to establish Sanitariums places for people to become well based on the Bibles teachings. Dr. John Harvey Kellogg led the Battle Creek Sanitarium in Michigan. One day, a patient there broke her dental plates while breakfasting on a piece of hard toast. Dr. Kellogg decided he needed to develop a healthy, precooked cereal for patients that would be easy to chew and digest. The result was a flaked wheat product that was the forerunner of what we now know as Corn Flakes.

Dr. Kellogg continued to develop more than 80 plant-based food products which were successfully sold across the country by mail-order. Their popularity eventually required the Battle Creek Sanitarium to build a separate factory to meet the growing demand. Today, Corn Flakes can be found on every grocery store shelf and nearly 80 Adventist hospitals extend the healing ministry of Christ across the United States.

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