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AdventHealth Redmond Recognizes Team Members’ Years of Service

Peter Kim Acas, Pauline Prince and Susanna Krouse were honored at the AdventHealth Redmond Service Awards in recognition of their five years of service.
Peter Kim Acas, Pauline Prince and Susanna Krouse were honored at the AdventHealth Redmond Service Awards in recognition of their five years of service.

On Aug. 10, AdventHealth Redmond recognized their team members for their years of service to AdventHealth at its annual Service Awards banquet.

Team members and leaders performed skits and songs to commemorate the milestones reached by the honorees. AdventHealth Redmond President and CEO Isaac Sendros handed out an award certificate to each recipient in attendance. Emcees Amy Jordon, chief nursing executive of the AdventHealth Southeast Region, and Karen Steely, chief operating officer of AdventHealth Redmond, led the crowd through a journey in time, revisiting historical events and accomplishments of the year the honorees started their time at Redmond. The skits highlighted favorite movies and songs from each era.

“It has been an honor to work with team members who care so deeply about helping our patients and community feel whole,” said Sendros. “I am proud of the longevity of this team, their heart for this community and they you take great pride in the work they do.”

Team members with 5 years of service: Peter Kim Acas, Susan Alexander, Ethan Allen, Abigail Andrade, Amanda Armstrong, Wesley Bailey, Teresa Baltazar, Angela Barton, Teresa Beason, Madison Bentley, Rebekah Blanton, Tybee Burt, Amber Butler, Andrea Casteel, Maria Chan, Bailee Costly, Stephen Cowan, Erica Cuevas, Penny Draper, Ashna Dublin, Amanda Dunagan, James Espy, Lisa Garrett, Brittany Ghorley, Elizabeth Gomez, Allen Gray, Mary Gregory, Jade Hamilton, Angelia Harris, Jessica Heath, Debra Helms, Elisa Hembree, Sabrina Hemingway, Susan Hill, Stephanie Hulsey, Scheene Kendrick, Lucinda Koon, Susanna Krouse, Lacey Landress, Khristen Lanham, Misty Lawless, Susan Lewis, Jennifer Lindsey, Jonathan Lithgow, Soledad Lopez Romero, Phyllis Luttrell, Cassadee Maciel, Allison Macurak, Jessica Mayer, Ra’Shunda Mayes, Jordan Mayo, Jessica McBurnett, Brenda Miles, Stacey Miranda, Sarah Monson, Andrea Moore, Destiny Morris, Macy Mullins, Misty Nelson, Dollie Nichols, Kasmine Parham, Vickie Patterson, Karen Phillips, Traci Pittman, Evan Price, Pamela Price, Pauline Prince, Ashley Rediger, Nathaniel Reach, Stephanie Rittenhouse, Katelyn Roberson, Amber Robinson, Krista Rogers, Kathy Sharpe, Kristen Skibo, Tracie Smith, Virgie Stone, Shamika Sullivan, Destin Sutton, Wanda Swanson, Parveen Tekwani, Angela Terry, Aaron Thorn, Felicia Trawick, Amber Vasser, Natalie Walters, Megan White, Emily Windatt, William Womack and Kylie Woodard.

Team members with 10 years of service: Elizabeth Angel, Betty Barrett, Ava Bierkamp, Bill Boyette, Pamela Chamlee, Cecelia Chavez, Aimee Crider, Jose Criollo, Barbara Crowe, Emily Evans, Benjamin Farmer, Holly Hendricks, Benjamin Johnson, Kristen Kapustay, Samantha Mann, Jacob Martin, Orlando Mendez, Alana Montes, Iris Orozco, Walter Ragland, Jenifer Reid, Kayla Suggs, Rebecca Vestal, Katie Wacker, Michael Watters, Tracey Whitlow and Dexter Williams.

Team members with 15 years of service: Eva Armstrong, Judy Barnes, Teresa Blakeslee, Andreia Chapman, William Clark, Jeffrey Davis, Valerie Grissom, Leah Hughes, Haley Irvin, Bridget Janes, Brandon Lindley, Brenda Moore, Johnice Morgan, Judy Porterfield, Marnie Sharp and Deborah Wickham-Davis.

Team members with 20 years of service: Sonja Barrell, Candice Beard, Melissa Brown, Kathryn Brumenschenkel, Julie Maddox, Aimee McGinnis, Robin Medeiros, Elizabeth Mitchell, Corey Payne, Emily Ratliff, Vickie Russell, Karen Smith and Linda Turpin.

Team members with 25 years of service: Sharon Arasmith, Chasity Bridges, Kenneth Brown, Kelly Carven, Joe Cirigliano, Teresa Kelley, Mary Lindley, Sherry Morrow, Brenda Parker, Wendy Ritch and Dana Smith.

Team members with 30 years of service: Aurelia Cannon, Freda Gipson, Sonia Lane, Curtis Layton, Kimberly McGuire, Shelley Parris, Teresa Reeves, Corinne Shows and Wendy Whisenant.

Team members with 35 years of service: Tammy Fox, Cathy Money, Gerrice Rains, Traci Ray and Sarah “Jeannette” Routledge.

Team members with 40 years of service: Deborah Boater, Christine Cabell and Susan Conway.

Team members with 45 years of service: Susan Dean.

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