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The Hyperbaric Medicine and Wound Management Center at AdventHealth Orlando, formerly Florida Hospital Orlando, treats some of the most acute and chronic conditions — from ulcers on the feet and legs caused by diabetes and vascular insufficiencies to more complex wounds such as necrotizing fasciitis and soft tissue radionecrosis. Our program features the largest, privately owned, multi-place, hyperbaric chamber in Florida, along with other state-of-the-art technologies and specialized teams of wound-care experts. Our center’s fundamental goal is to provide patients with superior treatment not only for their wounds, but also for the underlying issues that may be causing them.

Our hyperbaric chamber treats wounds in an ideal 100-percent-oxygen environment — enabling healing oxygen to circulate through the patient’s tissues and bloodstream. This oxygen-rich blood helps preserve damaged tissue, control infections and promote healing. During hyperbaric treatment sessions, patients can relax while watching television, listening to music or reading a book, as our team of nurses, specialists and technicians monitors treatment.

For more information about the Hyperbaric Medicine and Wound Care Management Center, call Call407-303-1549.

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If you’re in need of wound care, finding the right doctor is the first step to feeling whole again. Your path to good health starts at AdventHealth Orlando, formerly Florida Hospital Orlando.

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Balancing real life with recovery isn’t always easy. That’s why we take a multidisciplinary approach to wound care. We'll connect you with the diagnostic specialists who can get to the root of your condition, the experts who can heal what hurts, and a compassionate Home Care team who can provide the care you need in the comfort of your living room.