Why Your Mammo Can’t Wait

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If you’re over 40 (or if you have a family history of breast cancer), getting your screening mammogram each year empowers you to take charge of your whole-person health.

Health experts agree that a mammogram and a clinical breast exam with your health care provider are the best ways to find breast cancer as early as possible when it’s easiest to treat. That’s why it’s so important to check in with your women’s health provider and stay up to date with your screening mammograms.

Because nothing matters more to us than your health, we’re making it easy to get the mammography services you need while keeping you protected in every facility. Our world-class imaging facilities combine convenient hours and locations with exceptional, caring staff and the latest mammography technology.

So, if you haven’t gotten your annual mammogram yet, read why (and how) you should for the peace of mind you deserve.

General Mammogram Recommendations

First, talk with your health care provider about when to start having mammograms and how often you need one. Your recommended timeline will depend on your family history and your risk factors.

For many women, mammograms are recommended starting at age 40, but it may be smart to start as soon as 35 if your family has a history of breast cancer. If you have questions or concerns about your breast health at any age, contact your health care provider.

Advanced Mammogram Technology Means Better Results

The latest mammogram technology offers greater comfort — modern paddle designs reduce discomfort — and peace of mind with clear, accurate results. New technology also frequently reduces exam time. Our imaging professionals review your mammogram images using an advanced computer-aided detection (CAD) system. The CAD system gives your results a high-tech second read, allowing for the detection of smaller abnormalities.

Our whole focus is on finding any potentially cancerous breast tissue early, even before you experience symptoms.

With Breast Cancer, Early Detection Matters

Early detection of breast cancer is so important because it’s still the second-leading cause of cancer deaths among American women. A mammogram allows for the earliest possible detection of breast cancer — even up to two years before you or your doctor can feel a tumor.

Catching breast cancer early through a mammogram means:

  • Therapies, like breast conservation therapy, will be the most effective
  • Treatment can begin early, possibly before the cancer spreads
  • You’ll have the best possible chance for a full recovery

And the research supports this, too. The American Cancer Society says that women who get regular mammograms are more likely to catch breast cancer early. Therefore, they are less likely to need aggressive treatment, such as surgery or chemotherapy, and have the best chance at recovery.

If you haven’t had your annual screening mammogram yet, it’s safe, and it’s time to take care of you by scheduling an appointment.

We’re here to help you get your mammogram with confidence, knowing you’ll be protected in our facilities.

Keeping You Protected at Your Mammogram Appointment

At every AdventHealth location, we’ve made extra precautions part of our new normal for your protection and peace of mind. When you come in for your mammogram, you’ll notice:

  • A universal mask policy for patients, team members and visitors
  • Temperature checks upon arrival
  • Separate care areas for anyone who’s sick
  • Social distancing in our waiting rooms (look for floor markings, seat covers and clear protective shields near the receptionist)
  • Enhanced sanitation and cleaning around the clock
  • Letting you check in from your car on your mobile device (in certain locations)

Nothing Is More Important to Us Than You

We want you to feel empowered to take charge of your breast health and getting your annual screening mammogram is a great place to start. With extra safety measures and the knowledge that mammograms are quick and easy to schedule, you can feel confident getting this lifesaving screening, this year. To get started, find mammogram services close to you and make an online mammogram appointment at a time that works for you.

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