Warm Weather Safety

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Warm weather has prompted residents and visitors to seek fun and relaxation in the Florida sunshine. This southern state is abundant in outdoor recreation including but not limited to: scenic jogging and biking, golf, tennis, swimming and diving, surfing and water skiing. Undoubtedly though, people will gravitate to the water based activities providing relief from the suns scorching heat. Generations gather together to celebrate family, friends, and good times at beaches, lakeshores, and water parks coast to coast.

Unfortunately, along with the enjoyment that we receive from these summertime activities, there is an increased risk for physical injury. At times people often let their guard down during activities which they perceive to be fun. The incidence of spinal injuries increases in areas of high water sports activity with up to 20% of all sports injuries involving the lower back and neck. Whether you are splashing around in the pool or jet skiing, safety should remain a top priority.

There are countless precautions you can take in an effort to stay injury free this summer. According to the National Institute of Health adults can help protect themselves from injury by doing the following:

  • Don't be a weekend warrior. Try to maintain a moderate level of activity throughout the week.
  • Learn proper body form appropriate to activity
  • Remember safety equipment
  • Accept your physical limitations. Modify activities as needed
  • Increase level of activity gradually
  • Strive for a total body workout. Cross-training reduces injury and promotes total fitness

Don't let an injury get you down. Stay active, stay safe, and enjoy yourself.

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