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Reasons to Participate in a Genomics Study


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Have you ever wondered why you crave sweets when your partner prefers a salty snack? Or maybe you’re curious why your coworkers are coffee-lovers while you only drink tea.

It turns out many of the mysteries and preferences between us come down to differences in our DNA. What’s even more exciting is that our DNA can help us better understand our risk for certain diseases.

Genomics is a branch of medicine that studies the function, structure, mapping and editing of a genome, which is your complete set of DNA. Scientists study how your genes interact with each other and your environment.

By studying your DNA, we can gain key insights into your health and wellness, including your risk for developing certain diseases, such as cancer or heart disease. Genomics can also identify your sleep patterns, whether or not you are — or may become — lactose intolerant, and many other interesting details about your health, lifestyle and food preferences.

Genomics Provides a Map to Better Health

A genomics study gives you the chance to learn more about your DNA so you can better understand, protect and improve your whole health. A study can help you:

  • Find out if you’re at risk for developing certain conditions, such as heart disease or lactose intolerance
  • Make better choices about your health to prevent, manage and monitor the diseases or conditions for which you’re at higher risk of developing
  • Empower your provider to deliver personalized, preventive care to help reduce your risk of developing health conditions or diseases

Participating in a genomics study also offers benefits that extend far beyond the impact of your personal whole health. Researchers are able to identify health trends within communities and uncover how genomics can influence health care decisions.

WholeMe: Knowledge is Power

Start uncovering the mysteries in your DNA by participating in WholeMea first-of-its-kind study in Florida developed by AdventHealth Orlando and Helix, a personal genomics company.

Participants will learn about traits that may impact their daily life (like caffeine metabolism), and their DNA will also be evaluated for the genes linked to familial hypercholesterolemia (FH). FH is a genetic condition that causes high cholesterol. When left untreated, it can lead to heart attack, even in young adults.

At no cost, ten thousand adults will be able to participate in WholeMe. Registration opens on July 24. Learn more about our study, including where and how you can register, then join us on this exciting journey toward discovering your healthiest body, mind and spirit.


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