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Jessica McKinney, 45, of Windermere, is a busy, stay-at-home mom of three who is always rushing from one school or sporting event to the next. A few years after her last child was born, her period became extremely heavy, to the point of being uncomfortable and inconvenient.

I had to plan my life around my period, explains Jessica.

In November 2010, Jessica met with Steven McCarus, MD, board certified gynecologist, to discuss her options.

Dr. McCarus was so kind and caring and reassuring, remembers Jessica. I found him to be approachable, warm and professional. I felt I was getting the best care possible.

Jessica chose to have a LessVasive hysterectomy, a cosmetic surgery that was developed by Dr. McCarus. This technique takes place through the belly button, leaving little to no visible scarring. She underwent the surgery in December 2010.

The traditional approach to hysterectomy requires three to four incisions in the abdomen, with the instruments and light being inserted through each, explains Dr. McCarus. With the McCarus Cosmetic Hysterectomy technique and the McCarus-Volker FORNISEE SYSTEM, which illuminates the area of the surgical field, patients experience reduced pain and scarring and faster recovery time.

I expected my recovery to take a full two weeks, but I was feeling better within three days, says Jessica. I was back on my feet and out and about seven to 10 days after surgery. There was very little postoperative pain, and my nurses had to remind me to take my pain medications.

Jessica was feeling so good that she took up running just one month after surgery and ran her first half-marathon a year later. I have never felt physically better! she says, smiling. I cant even see the surgical [scar] in my belly button.

The cosmetic hysterectomy technique is good for patients with abnormal bleeding, minimal endometriosis and adhesions. Its not used in complex cases. Hysterectomies are the second most common surgeries for women in the US. More than 600,000 are performed annually.

I tell all my friends who are done having children and complain about their periods being miserable to see Dr. McCarus, says Jessica. I truly feel it was the best thing I could have done for myself in my 40s.

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