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Keeping You On Track With Your New Year’s Resolutions

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How are your New Year’s resolutions going? We're here to help keep you on track with resources for your journey to long-term success. If a healthier 2023 and beyond is your goal, we can help.

While New Year’s has come and gone, we hope those resolutions and the actions you take toward better health keep you happy and healthy all year, every year. Read on to learn about a few specific goals, as well as tips for keeping your resolutions throughout the year.

If You Want to Exercise More

Exercising can benefit your health in a number of ways. However, exercising can be a challenge mentally as much as physically. If you're having trouble exercising, or unable to stay motivated, don’t go it alone. Our experts in exercise physiology and cardiometabolic health can help you stay motivated and find what works best for you so that you keep exercising long-term. Participating in research can offer many benefits, including the opportunity to learn more about your own health while contributing to important research. Learn more about our Research Institute.

If You Want to Lose Weight

Losing weight is tough, but keeping it off can be even harder. We can design a personalized plan to determine what you need to reach your goals. Our team specializes in lifestyle and surgical options to get you to a healthy weight. Eating healthier can sound simple – but where should you start? Our specialists at our New Day New Way program can help you with behavior modification to help replace old habits with more nutritional strategies that help you support your wellness goals. If you have not seen sustained success with diet and exercise in the past, maybe weight loss surgery is the best option for you. Our team of weight loss experts can help you to determine which option best suits your goals.

Improve Your General Health With Your Primary Care Provider

Maybe you have a sense that you could be doing more to feel your best and live well. Make an appointment and initiate an open and honest conversation about your real health goals and what you and your care team can do to achieve them.

Talk about your emotional and mental health and any concerns you have there. How is your attention span? Are you overly tired? It’s all connected to your overall wellness.

Your provider will likely start with a physical to get baseline numbers for blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol and other important measurements. That way, you can track your health progress and make lifestyle or medication modifications if necessary. Click to learn more about primary care and find a provider close to home.

5 Tips to Help You Keep Your Resolutions

Once you’re clear on your New Year’s resolutions, there are a few things you can do to set yourself up for success. Here are some helpful tips for moving through the year.

  1. Outline Your Resolution
    Figure out what concrete steps you’ll need to take to change your lifestyle and what you can do to avoid the old behavior. This can be anything from having an accountability partner, journaling or charting your progress, or even reminding yourself of all the benefits that come with your goal.
  2. Revise As You Go
    As you begin your resolutions, you may feel that some things don’t work or aren’t going the way you planned. Instead of abandoning your goals, rethink them and try different things to help you as the year progresses. Give yourself grace and keep your self-talk positive.
  3. Reward Yourself
    Celebrate your success by giving yourself a special treat that doesn’t contradict your goals. A small reward can improve your resolve versus hinder your progress.
  4. Track Your Progress
    Keep track of every success, no matter how small. It's much simpler to keep short-term goals than long-term. For example, seeing yourself lose 5 pounds each month will help you stay motivated more than focusing on the fact that you still haven’t yet hit your target goal of 30.
  5. Don’t Let Your Failures Define You
    Mistakes happen and slip-ups are common; don’t let them derail your goals. Each day is a new opportunity to start over and take one healthy step at a time.

We’re Your Partner in Whole Health

Remember that there’s a team ready to be your expert guide and biggest cheerleader as your work toward your health goals this year. If you’re wondering where to start, talk to your primary care provider or find one here.

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