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The HD Clinic: Same-Day Huntington’s Disease Care

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If you or a loved one has Huntington’s disease or suspect you may have this hereditary condition, know that you can seek the expert care you need at our HD Clinic that is held once a month. You’ll benefit from a multidisciplinary team that’s all in one place offering same-day care.

Movement disorders specialist Anwar Ahmed, MD, is here to explain more about the HD Clinic and how it can benefit Huntington’s disease patients.

What is the HD Clinic and where is it located?

Dr. Ahmed: Our HD Clinic is a multidisciplinary clinic that runs one day each month. We focus on whole-person health for each patient who is diagnosed or may be diagnosed with Huntington’s disease, as well as supporting their family and caregivers.

When the clinic is open, patients can meet with a movement disorder neurologist, a psychiatrist, a clinical social worker, a physical therapist and a genetic counselor.

Our clinic is located in the AdventHealth Medical Group Neurology at Winter Park office, at 1573 Fairbanks Avenue, Winter Park, FL 32789.

What kinds of services does the HD Clinic provide?

Dr. Ahmed: During our HD Clinic day, the patient and their loved ones accompanying them can expect to see several specialists, all in the same day. They can expect to have their physical, mental and emotional health addressed during their appointment. They will also be provided treatment options, as well as genetic testing, if they so choose.

The patient and loved ones will also have a chance to share any additional challenges they may be experiencing as it relates to their environment, long-term care needs and wishes, along with anything else they’re facing. The social work team provides free support outside the clinic with support groups, education and wellness programs, and resources to boost their quality of life.

How do you make an appointment at the HD Clinic?

Dr. Ahmed: Anyone wishing to schedule an appointment with our HD Clinic should call our main HD Clinic line at Call407-303-6729. Our team will gladly help you make an appointment.

Why would you refer Huntington’s disease patients to the HD Clinic?

Dr. Ahmed: Our HD Clinic offers a unique and convenient health care experience to see multiple providers in one place all on the same day, as opposed to traveling to multiple locations to see different providers. Additionally, all of our providers work collaboratively to make sure each patient’s — and their loved ones’ — needs are addressed. The team acts as a wonderful resource for the medical and life changes that accompany this challenging condition.

How can the HD Clinic benefit patients and their families?

Dr. Ahmed: The HD Clinic team provides ongoing support and evaluation that patients and their caregivers deserve. Each provider within the clinic champions a certain aspect for the patient as it relates to their diagnosis. This helps ensure no symptoms or challenges go unnoticed or untreated.

Additionally, the support offered outside the clinic is free and helps create a supportive community network for patients and their loved ones to connect with others facing similar challenges. There is great strength in not having to face this diagnosis alone.

We strive for a multidisciplinary approach to treat Huntington’s disease patients, and this method is proven to be more beneficial compared to other models.

How is the HD Clinic part of the future of health care for Huntington’s disease patients?

Dr. Ahmed: Our HD Clinic also brings novel research to patients to find disease-modifying treatments. The HD Clinic works together with our academic partners to improve our understanding of this disease and its impact on the community. This will drive our research efforts to find the cure.

Home to Whole-Person Care for Huntington’s Disease

Dr. Ahmed and his team dedicate their expertise to helping Huntington’s disease patients at the HD Clinic and are ready to help you or a loved one benefit from this specialized care, too. To schedule an appointment at the HD Clinic, please reach out to us at Call407-303-6729.

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