9 No-Shop Gifts for the Mind, Body and Spirit

A gentleman delivering a gift.
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The hottest toys and tech gadgets are great, but sometimes the most memorable gifts come from the heart, not the store.

If you still have a few special people on your nice list but no more time to shop, here are some simple, thoughtful gifts designed to bring joy, wellness and TLC to your loved one's lives. The best part? You won't have to spend a cent or step foot in a store!


Handcrafted Healthy Recipe Book. Have you mastered the art of healthy cooking? Help someone else do the same by giving the gift of your kitchen smarts. Compile your family's favorites for a year's worth of nutritious recipes. Who knows it might even inspire you to start that blog or write that cookbook.

Treat for a Healthy Lunch. When we're in a rush, it's easy to fall into unhealthy lunch habits. This gift has dual benefits: it'll make a friends day, and encourage you both to make lunch more nutritious. Create a festive voucher, card or coupon and treat someone to a healthy midday meetup.

Home-Cooked Healthy Snacks. Instead of giving sugary cookies or calorie-laden fudge, help your loved ones start the new year on a healthier note. Whip up some of your go-to healthy snacks, from granola to trail mix to zesty spiced nuts. Bundle them in cute Mason jars, glossy gift paper, cardboard takeout-style boxes or treat bags, tied with a pretty ribbon or bow.

Year-Round Walking/Workout Buddy. Studies show that having a dedicated workout buddy is an excellent motivator. Volunteer to be a friends fitness partner, support system and cheerleader the perfect way to encourage someone looking to be more active in the new year. And it'll keep you moving, too.


DIY Inspirational Quote Book. The perfect inspirational quote has the power to brighten your day and change your perspective. This gift is perfect for loved ones going through a rough patch, or anyone who could use a little lift which is all of us! Scour your Pinterest boards, select a few meaningful Bible verses or write your own. Print and bind them with ribbon, or get crafty with your own designs.

Coupon for a Friend/Date Night. If you find yourself saying we should get together more often than actually getting together with friends, this ones for you. Present someone special with a physical coupon that he or she can cash in for a friends night out. Or, give one to your spouse for a much-needed date night.

Free Babysitting Vouchers. Here's a sure-fire way to make a mom's day. Better than any toy is the gift of free babysitting, courtesy of you. It'll give mom a well-deserved breather, and you'll get a great excuse to eat popcorn, watch a fun movie and just be one of the kids.


Homemade Devotional-A-Day Calendar. So many families are looking for ways to build their faith and incorporate the scripture into their daily lives. Build a collection of your favorite prompts and help someone close to you strengthen their connection with God.

Pass On Your Favorite Inspirational Book. Are you one of those people who can't stop telling friends about your latest inspiring read? If so, brighten someone's day by passing on one of your favorites, along with a thoughtful inscription on the inside cover.

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