5 Tips To Reduce Tax-Time Stress

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Stressed over taxes, even with three additional days to file this year? You're not alone. Below AdventHealth health and wellness experts offer tips on what you can do to protect your sanity and your health during the 2016 tax season.

Breathe Deeply
It's a simple step to regain control over cortisol levels that cause your heart rate, blood pressure to increase. Inhale deeply through your nose and exhale through your mouth, feeling your chest rise and fall. Count the length of each breathe that you inhale and exhale. Slowly extend each for 1 second at a time until each inhale and exhale are 8 seconds. Repeat until you feel your body relax.

Walk it Out
Getting up and moving is a good way to get the blood flowing, but exercise can greatly reduce stress. Go outside if you can and focus on the beauty around you. By increasing oxygen to your brain through exercise, you'll be able to better focus on the task at hand.

Progressive Relaxation
Try this two-step process to relax your muscles. Tense or squeeze the muscles in your neck and shoulders as you inhale and hold. Then release the tension when you exhale. You can do this all over your body with different muscles to help you relax.

Mind over Matter
Anxious because your minds stuck in thinking about what's stressing you? You can relax by changing your mind. Take 5 minutes and list as many things as you can that you are thankful for. If you can write it out that's even better! Many times by doing this you're able to pull out the positives from the challenge you were facing.

Don't skip or work through meals
You'll either be so hungry you can't concentrate or you'll end up filling the void with junk food. Instead, fuel up at regular intervals on foods like fruit, nuts, veggies or yogurt.

Stress is dangerous to your health, and not just at tax time. So, be sure to incorporate stress and tension-reducing activities into your daily routine all year round.

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