Pediatric Physical Therapy Comes to New Smyrna

Pediatric Physical Therapy
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As part of our dedication to keeping high-quality care close to home, AdventHealth New Smyrna is happy to announce that we now offer pediatric physical therapy for infants and up. Jill Osborne, PT, has experience treating infant torticollis, developmental delays, gross motor deficits, scoliosis and more. She can see patients requiring physical therapy who have Down’s syndrome and cerebral palsy.

Jill shared more with us about her background and what she can provide to the children and community of New Smyrna.

Areas of Expertise

Before coming to AdventHealth New Smyrna, Jill worked in Parrish, Florida for 19 years as a physical therapist where she treated children with muscular dystrophy, congenital or acquired torticollis, scoliosis, and other disorders such as developmental delays, Cerebral Palsy and Down Syndrome.

Cerebral Palsy is a condition marked by impaired muscle coordination. Physical therapists work with children who have it to prevent or reduce joint contractures, as well as maintain or improve their cardio and muscle strength. They also work with them to adapt activities, the child's home environment, or school environment so they can get around and maintain a high level of activity. Therapy is also aimed to minimize other disabilities typically caused by damage to the brain.

Torticollis, whether you’re born with it (congenital) or acquire it later, is a condition wherein your head is tilted in one direction. It’s typically caused by the tightening of the muscles of the neck before or at birth or shortly thereafter which may result in the flattening of the back of your head. The technique physical therapy uses helps loosen the neck muscles and aims to prevent scoliosis.

Almost 20 Years of Caregiving

“I never thought I’d work with children,” says Jill. “But once I started, I found it extremely rewarding and fun. Since everything must be play-based with physical therapy for kids it’s always fun, and I really enjoy it every day.”

“I worked in a program in the past that utilizes hippotherapy (physical therapy involving a horse) to build up the kids’ trunk strength and work on their posture. It was great working with the horses and the kids loved it, too. And it’s also great for loosening up their muscles which can be a problem for kids with neurological disorders. I also used aquatic physical therapy for facilitating spinal ROM and strengthening postural muscles in a fun environment.

“Now that I’m here, I can use all of the experience and knowledge I gained there to help the children of the greater New Smyrna community area.” The pediatric physical therapy program at New Smyrna aims to provide a medical-based therapy and may be a supplement to therapy that is provided by the schools. Many times, parents request for additional therapy that can address their concerns about their child’s development. Prior to Jill coming on board, the rehab department sees children typically of orthopedic nature and was not able to see infants with torticollis. This additional expertise will add to the team and provide care to infants and other developmental disorders.

The rehab department is located at 507 South Orange Street, New Smyrna Beach and is in the same campus as the main hospital. The rehab is also equipped with a therapeutic indoor pool with a lift.

Why AdventHealth

“Before I was a PT, I worked as a pharmacy tech at Florida Hospital Orlando on Rollins for what was then, Florida Hospital, now AdventHealth, and I knew it was a great organization to work for. So, when the opportunity came, I was ready. The mission statement, ‘Extending the healing ministry of Christ,’ really speaks to me as a Christian and a healer.”

To make an appointment with Jill at our New Smyrna location, please visit our site or call Call386-424-5181.

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