A woman studies DNA.

Unlocking Clues to Your Whole Health

Genes run strong in some families. Just like your looks, your behaviors — and genes that affect your health — can also be passed down in a family. And they’re often a mystery. But what if you could learn more about those genes and whether they put you at risk for cancer or other genetic conditions?

With advanced genetic counseling and testing services, we can help you do just that at AdventHealth Littleton. Throughout our AdventHealth network in Colorado, our genetic counselors offer virtual visits — with some in-person visits available at AdventHealth Littleton — for your convenience.

Our genetic counselors will work with you to understand what your results mean for you and your family, making the treatment you get completely personalized to you.

We’re here to help you find the right genetic counselor or a location that’s convenient for you.

With Your Health, Knowledge Is Power

Genomics, the study of your complete DNA set, can give you a clear view of your health, from a disease you know you have to conditions that may not yet be diagnosed. Your doctor can use insights from genomics to truly personalize your health care and help prevent, diagnose and treat serious health risks.

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Scientist using an iPad with genomics graphic on screen.

Genomics Experts You Can Count On

We’re devoted to helping you get and stay healthy. Our team is ready to build a roadmap of your health so there’s less mystery involved — and so you can make informed decisions about your future. To get started, explore our network of providers near you in Colorado.

Experience Health Care Tailored to You

When we say we’re here to give you personalized treatment, we mean it. And that sometimes starts with understanding what makes you, you. What genes do you have that put you at risk for cancer or other conditions? What screenings are especially important for you? What treatments will work best at treating your specific disease? Let’s find the answers, together.