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Leading in Medical Care with Robotics

By remaining ahead of the curve with research and technology, we strive to always provide our patients and their families with the latest advancements and innovative treatment options to care for a variety of conditions. Our team of multidisciplinary experts work together to ensure patients receive an individualized care plan that includes minimally invasive and robotic surgical treatments, when applicable.

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Offering the Latest in Robotic Innovations 

By remaining ahead of the curve with research and technology, we strive to always provide our patients and their families with the latest advancements and innovative treatment options to care for a variety of conditions. 

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da Vinci® Robot
  • Providing benefits to both patient and surgeon, the da Vinci® Robot combines remotely operated robotic arms equipped with minute surgical instruments and 3D real-time imaging to allow for an increased level of precision, versatility, and control in intricate surgical procedures
  • Patient benefits include reduced pain, diminished scarring and complications, less blood loss, lower infection risk and faster recovery
  • This innovative robotics tool provides surgeons a minimally invasive application in which to perform complex surgeries
Senhance Surgical Robotic System
  • AdventHealth is the first U.S. healthcare system to utilize Senhance, both for physician training purposes and clinical use
  • The controls for the Senhance mimic traditional laparoscopic surgery, allowing for an accelerated adaptation for surgeons currently performing surgeries with these tools.
  • Uses 3D visualization and optical sensors that allow the surgeons to move the camera and select commands simply by moving their eyes
  • The Senhance also is the first robotic system that offers haptic feedback, which re-creates the sense of force feedback for surgeons so that they can “feel” forces encountered via the system’s robotic arms
  • Patient benefits include quicker and easier recovery with little to no scarring, reduced pain, less blood loss, less risk of infection and diminished complications
  • Currently being used for colorectal and gynecology surgeries

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  • Cutting-edge robotic technology that combines surgical navigation and robotic guidance for minimally invasive spine surgery, designed to strengthen the safety and accuracy of procedures
  • Benefits include smaller incisions, reduced blood loss, lower risk of infection, reduced muscle damage and quicker recovery
  • AdventHealth is one of only six hospitals in the nation and the only hospital in the southeastern United States with this system — giving our patients access to some of the most advanced treatment available
  • Designated as the first center in America for physician observation and training
Intraoperative 3-Telsa MRI and CT
  • Advanced medical imaging, located within our state-of-the-art neurosurgical suites, that improves surgical outcomes by allowing images to be taken while the patient is still in the OR
  • Ensures the surgery has been successful and minimizes the potential need for a follow-up procedure
Laser Interstitial Thermal Therapy (LITT)
  • Diode laser technology that uses light energy via a laser probe to precisely destroy tumor tissue and tissue damaged by radiation necrosis
  • Minimizes damage to surrounding tissue, providing for minimal scarring and pain along with a faster recovery; patients are usually discharged within 24 hours
  • We have the only LITT in Central Florida

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Leksell Gamma Knife® Perfexion™
  • Radiosurgery that can treat multiple brain lesions with advanced precision during one session; patients go home the same day following the outpatient procedure and no general anesthesia is required
  • Delivers precisely directed radiation to the most complex tumors while protecting surrounding tissues and structures from exposure to radiation
  • Procedure is widely-recognized as the gold standard of care in radiosurgery
  • We have the only Gamma Knife in Central Florida
LenSx® Laser System
  • AdventHealth Winter Park is the only hospital in Central Florida offering today’s most advanced option for cataract surgery
  • Laser cataract surgery uses a special device called a femtosecond laser to help surgeon’s access and remove cataracts with increased accuracy
  • Femtosecond laser cataract surgery is a bladeless, computer-controlled, outpatient procedure that uses highly advanced technologies to capture incredibly precise images and measurements of your eyes; the data is then used to perform cataract surgery at an accuracy level unattainable with traditional surgery
  • This approach also reduces inflammation, leading to a more rapid recovery of vision
Magnetoencephalography (MEG)
  • A non-invasive, neurodiagnostic test that creates a “roadmap” of brain function
  • Used to facilitate treatment planning for epilepsy, brain tumors and other neurologic conditions.
  • This painless exam allows your medical team to clearly see deep inside the brain to evaluate its activity and function
  • Allows problem areas to be precisely targeted, lowering the chance that healthy areas of the brain will be affected by surgery
  • Treating all ages, AdventHealth’s MEG program is the only one of its kind in the state
  • MAKOplasty is a cutting-edge procedure that offers extraordinary precision for surgeons performing knee resurfacing, designed to relieve the pain caused by joint degeneration due to osteoarthritis
  • This robotic-assisted technology helps physicians create a three-dimensional pre-surgical plan for knee resurfacing and, during surgery, provides the team with real-time visual, tactile and auditory information
  • Offers exceptional accuracy and precision, which translates into better surgical outcomes, less implant wear, a smaller incision and less scarring, a shorter hospital stay and quicker recovery, and quicker relief from pain and return to daily activities
Mazor Robotics
  • Incorporates an advanced guidance system that enables surgeons to perform minimally invasive, safer and more accurate spine surgeries
  • Treats patients suffering from debilitating back pain or limited range of motion caused by spinal deformities and degenerative conditions
  • Benefits include smaller incisions, reduced blood loss, lower risk of infection, reduced muscle damage and quicker recovery
  • Used in both pediatric and adult surgery
NeuroPace RNS®
  • Similar to a pacemaker that monitors and responds to heart rhythms, the system is the first and only medical device that can monitor and respond to brain activity to reduce seizures
  • Responsive neurostimulation for intractable epilepsy in adult patients
  • Surgically implanted yet reversible therapy
  • Potential to greatly improve quality of life; lessens anxiety for patients suffering from epilepsy
  • We are the only hospital in Central Florida to have the NeuroPace RNS System
OPMI Pentero 900
  • Surgical microscope used for minimally invasive brain surgeries (MIBS) and enhanced tumor definition; Designed for the most demanding microsurgical applications
  • Delivers brilliant visualization with state-of-the-art apochromatic optics, crystal clear video images in full HD quality and innovative fluorescence methods
Robotic Stereotactic Assistance (ROSA®)
  • Comparable to a GPS system for the brain, this robot can be used for any cranial procedure, but is primarily devoted to the treatment of epilepsy
  • Features a robotic arm with six degrees of freedom to replicate human arm movement
  • We utilize the only ROSA® in Central Florida