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Expert Tips to Make Your Mammogram Quick and Easy

A Provider Prepares a Patient for Her Mammogram.

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Have you gotten your annual mammogram? These screenings help save hundreds of thousands of lives every year. Here’s what you should know to make your next mammogram as comfortable and easy as possible with pro tips from our expert, Rachel Raphael, MD.

Now Is a Great Time to Schedule Your Mammogram

Leading up to Breast Cancer Awareness Month, AdventHealth for Women is offering 3D mammograms for a self-pay cost of just $30 in September and October. However, if you have health insurance, your annual screening mammogram will likely not cost you anything.

Most exams take 30 minutes or less, so take advantage of our online scheduling. Choose an imaging location near you with convenient hours that include weekend availability.

Don’t Delay Your Screening Mammogram

If you’re experiencing any concerning symptoms, such as a lump, pain, nipple thickening or discharge, don’t wait to schedule your mammogram. Early detection of breast cancer is so important as it’s still the second-leading cause of cancer deaths among American women.

According to Dr. Raphael, “A mammogram allows for the earliest detection of breast cancer — up to two years before you or your doctor can feel a tumor.”

Catching breast cancer early allows treatment to begin right away, possibly before the cancer spreads and when therapies can be most effective.

Tips to Make Your Mammogram More Comfortable

With Dr. Raphael’s tips in mind, you can enjoy a more comfortable mammogram experience.

Schedule Your Mammogram After Your Period

“If you’re still menstruating, try to schedule your mammogram the week after your period. This is the point where the estrogen in your breast tissue, which sometimes causes discomfort, is the lowest,” says Dr. Raphael.

Skip the Caffeine Before Your Screening

Dr. Raphael explains, “Opting for another beverage instead of coffee or tea could help ease discomfort too. You should try to avoid caffeine for a few days leading up to your mammogram.”

Speak Up During Your Screening

During your screening, don’t be afraid to speak up. “If you experience any pain during your exam, talk to your technologist about making an adjustment, which can easily make a difference,” encourages Dr. Raphael.

Understand Smarter Mammogram Technology

Recent advancements in mammography allow for a better overall exam experience than you might think. At AdventHealth, we utilize the latest technology, including the SmartCurve™ paddle that allows for less compression and greater comfort. This advanced technology can allow for a quicker exam while providing greater peace of mind through clear and accurate results.

Bringing You the Best in Breast Care

We’re here to offer you leading-edge breast care from providers who are dedicated to your whole-person health. You can rest assured we’re not only attending to your physical health, but to your need for comfort and peace of mind, too.

You can schedule your screening mammogram with Dr. Raphael online, or you can request an appointment by calling Call386-738-5300.

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