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How Smart Paddles Make Mammograms More Comfortable

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Have you heard from your family and friends that getting a mammogram is an uncomfortable experience? Since older technology used the traditional flat paddles, which are not shaped to accommodate the natural shape of a woman's breast, that may have been true for them — but it doesn’t have to be for you.

Now, with advanced smart paddle technology available at sixteen AdventHealth locations throughout Central Florida, mammogram paddles can be adjusted to each patient’s body for quicker, easier and more comfortable screenings.

What Is a Smart Paddle Mammogram?

Recent advancements in mammography allow for a more comfortable exam experience. Many

of our facilities use the latest technology, including the SmartCurve™ paddle that uses less compression for more comfort. You’ll find relief in that the smart paddle is curved to fit the shape of your breast for a more personalized mammogram.

How Does the Smart Paddle Work?

The SmartCurve™ paddle allows for a better distribution of force over the entire breast, which results in less pinching than with the traditional paddles. It provides up to 93% more comfort during your exam, and 95% of women who were surveyed said they would recommend facilities that offer smart paddle mammograms.

Smart Paddle Comfort and 3D Pictures

We perform 3D mammograms rather than using traditional 2D technology. Combined with smart paddles for a more comfortable exam, this advanced 3D technology provides greater peace of mind through clearer and more accurate results.

No Reason to Wait

While the common belief about mammogram discomfort leads many women to delay or skip their annual exam, there’s no reason to delay this potentially lifesaving screening with the availability of smart paddle technology.

Early detection of breast cancer is so important because it’s still the second leading cause of cancer deaths among American women. A mammogram allows for the earliest detection of breast cancer — up to two years before you or your doctor can feel a tumor. Catching breast cancer early allows for treatment to begin right away, possibly before the cancer spreads and when therapies can be most effective.

Bringing You the Best in Breast Care

We’re here to offer you leading-edge breast care from providers who are dedicated to your whole-person health. With advanced technology like the smart paddle, you can rest assured we’re not only attending to your physical health, but to your need for comfort and peace of mind, too.

You can schedule your screening mammogram online, or you can request an appointment. Don’t delay. To schedule your mammogram at one of the sixteen locations utilizing SmartCurve™ technology, visit

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