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New Breast Cancer Clinic Opening at AdventHealth Celebration

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According to the American Cancer Society, breast cancer is the most common cancer diagnosed among U.S. women and is the second leading cause of female cancer death. But breast cancer also affects men. For patients who develop this diagnosis, we are able to deliver top-notch care with cutting-edge technology.

Medical science is making breakthroughs every day, finding cures and new treatments for multiple forms of this disease. Many of these innovative and revolutionary treatment programs are available right here in Central Florida. And in addition to our breast cancer clinics in Altamonte Springs and Orlando, we’re opening a new breast cancer clinic at AdventHealth Celebration, bringing the most current treatments to our community.

Multidisciplinary Expertise Means Quicker Treatment

One approach to helping patients overcome breast cancer involves bringing together a team of breast cancer specialists, including medical oncologists, radiation oncologists and breast cancer surgeons, all at the same location.

AdventHealth Celebration is the newest location offering these services in addition to AdventHealth Altamonte Springs and AdventHealth Orlando. These specialists can each evaluate a patient and then work together to develop a comprehensive treatment plan in a single visit.

This multidisciplinary breast cancer clinic approach can help ease the minds of patients already experiencing a challenging time, eliminating the need to travel to different doctors for multiple consultations, and expediting treatment. We combine this approach with today's advanced technologies for treating breast cancer, like the new TrueBeam® system, which precisely delivers radiation to a tumor site while sparing healthy tissue.

“We believe we can provide patients with the highest quality of care by offering providers together all in one location," says Jeremy John, MD, a board-certified breast cancer surgeon. "We can evaluate breast cancer patients in a comprehensive, single-day setting and decrease the time between diagnosis and treatment," Dr. John explains.

“Prior to a patient's appointment, our radiation oncologist Amber Orman, MD, Dr. John and I jointly review his or her case to determine a path that is most likely to produce an optimal outcome,” explains medical oncologist Adnan Akhtar, MD.

Next, the care team personally consults with the patient to discuss their treatment options and what might work best for them. Additional appointments for medical imaging, labs or ancillary services such as plastic surgery are discussed and scheduled as needed.

Specialists on Your Side

A medical oncologist is a doctor who has special training in diagnosing and treating cancer using chemotherapy, hormonal therapy, biological therapy and targeted therapy. "A medical oncologist is usually the main health care provider for cancer patients and can provide supportive care and may coordinate treatment given by other specialists," Dr. Akhtar explains.

Your breast cancer care team will also include sub-specialized radiation oncologists, who use some of the most innovative radiation therapies and techniques available to target and kill cancer cells. "We have multiple treatment options available, allowing us to deliver customized treatment with maximal sparing of the surrounding healthy tissues,” says Dr. Orman. “We use a variety of positioning, imaging, and delivery techniques including prone positioning, respiration-synchronized treatment, optical surface guidance, external beam irradiation, intensity modulated radiation therapy, accelerated partial breast irradiation and intraoperative radiation therapy, depending on what is most advantageous for each individual patient.”

The third and equally important part of your team is your breast cancer surgeon, a physician who specializes in the surgical management of breast cancers. Our surgeons are also there to discuss surgical pain-management options and coordinate reconstructive breast surgery plans, if desired.

Mammograms Make Sense

Remember that your best defense against breast cancer is to be proactive with a healthy lifestyle and regularly scheduled mammograms. This simple procedure helps ensure that any breast abnormalities can be discovered and evaluated at an early stage, when they’re easiest to treat.

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