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AdventHealth Celebration’s Imaging Department Brings the Beach to You

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The award-winning care provided at AdventHealth Celebration imaging has recently become even better. Patient satisfaction scores have improved from 93 percent to an incredible 96 percent as we work to make your experience as convenient and comfortable as possible. To find out what changes have been made to improve patients’ experiences so dramatically, we spoke with Joel George, MSN, BSN, Director of Imaging Services at AdventHealth Celebration and AdventHealth Kissimmee.

A Focus on Personalized Care Through Technology

“We’re really focused on consumer-centric technologic advancements,” explains George. “We recently partnered with a technology provider to create a text messaging service to keep our patients informed of their status, every step of the way.”

“The moment you arrive in our department you’ll be texted with a greeting. We also send a text message to your loved ones when you’re going for your procedure and then when you’re back in your recovery room. And when you’re discharged, we send you a thank you that includes your medical record numbers so they’re handy if you need them later.”

Medical records can be easily accessed with our eCare app.

The second phase rolling out soon will be an electronic display board like you’d see in an airport or train station with your appointment time listed. This helpful touch is just one part of the vacation-like atmosphere that’s been created in the department.

Virtual Beach Environment

“We created what we call a Virtual Beach environment,” says George. “Seaside imaging is a beach theme where you get your own cabana, complete with ocean sounds and smells to create a warm, relaxing environment.”

“Our MRIs have been dressed up like sandcastles, or what we like to call ‘ScanCastles.’ The imaging room we call, ‘MRI Island,’ is decorated with a beach theme and beach music, or any other music you’d prefer, and you are provided with special MRI-safe headphones to complete the experience and provide you with a peaceful, comforting experience.”

All these changes have reduced the sedation rates, or the number of instances where patients had to be sedated before being scanned in the MRI, from 6.5 percent to just 2 percent.

Why Choose AdventHealth for Your Imaging

“Every interaction we have is an opportunity for a meaningful experience,” says George. “This credo is what steers the way we interact with you from the time you arrive to the moment we walk you out.”

“Upon arrival, you’ll be greeted personally, walked in by one of our team members and shown to your cabana. And after your appointment we’ll walk you back out and make sure all your questions have been answered. We’ll always ask you if there’s anything else we can help you with before you leave. If you leave with questions, we haven’t done our job.”

Three days after your appointment, you’ll receive a card in the mail which has been signed by everyone you interacted with, so you know who you spoke with every step of the way.

To learn more about the personalized care and Virtual Beach Environment or to schedule your imaging with our dedicated team of specialists, please visit our website or call Call407-303-4009.

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