A Glimpse Into ER Care at AdventHealth Celebration: 2 Nurses Share Their Perspectives

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It’s true: No one wants to visit the emergency room. But it’s especially true for many who come to AdventHealth Celebration’s emergency room as vacationers far away from home. What was supposed to be the vacation of a lifetime brings an unexpected health scare.

For both locals and visitors, a visit to the emergency room is never on the itinerary, but there’s a special culture at AdventHealth Celebration that helps every patient through the tough (and sometimes scary) experience that a medical emergency can bring. The goal for every patient at AdventHealth Celebration’s emergency department is whole-person care that gets you back to living your best life (or best vacation) as soon as possible.

Two of our emergency room nurses, Vedesh and John, shared some insight into what makes working at the AdventHealth Celebration ED meaningful to them — and a positive experience for patients.

Impacting Patients’ Lives in a Positive Way

John explains, “I love nursing because I like to be able to affect peoples’ lives in a positive way. Nursing allows you to do that. People come to you — especially in the emergency room —under poor circumstances, and you get to have an immediate effect. One of the reasons I like being an ER nurse is because when patients come in, I know I can help them in some form.”

Vedesh adds, “I love being in an environment that is faced-paced, and I love to take care of people in my community.”

Whole-Person Emergency Care for Kids and Adults .

One of the unique aspects of AdventHealth Celebration is the expert staff on hand to treat both children and adults. In fact, the hospital has a dedicated pediatric ER staffed with emergency medicine experts and specialists. For families visiting the Orlando area for its local attractions, knowing that there are pediatric emergency experts close by can bring peace of mind.

Vedesh comments, “In our emergency department, we have a unique population. About half of our patients are visitors from other states or other countries, and the other half are local residents. We see everything from abdominal pain to chest pain and more serious issues in both kids and adults.”

Communicating for Patient Care and Comfort

Whole person care of the body, mind and spirit encompasses care for every aspect of a patient’s wellbeing. While in every emergency situation, attending to your physical health is a top priority, our emergency room staff equally cares for your mind and spirit to help calm the stress, anxiety and other feelings associated with emergency medical care. A big part of that is keeping you informed about your care and what’s required to help you heal.

John explains how he helps patients: “One of the questions I ask since we’re so close to Disney is if the patient is from here or visiting us. One of the expectations of patients visiting from out of town is to come in and get out as soon as possible. Depending on the reason they are in the emergency room, I can try to manage expectations about a time frame. We do our best to get patients back to their normal life as soon as possible, but also explain to patients that some things aren’t as easy as they seem. We might have to rely on getting labs back, or X-ray or CAT scans results. Lab results may take 15 to 30 minutes to get back. Even though an X-ray was done in minutes, it has to be read by radiologist, so that could take another 15 to 30 minutes. The same is true for other imaging or diagnostic tests.”

John concludes, “We always try to make each patient more comfortable. We offer blankets or meals if the patient is allowed to eat or help them with the TV to keep occupied. The most important thing is patient communication. If we keep each patient informed, we can possibly create a better patient experience.”

Learn more about the AdventHealth Celebration emergency care by visiting our website. There, you can read more about our location and what signs and symptoms might indicate that you should go to your nearest emergency room.

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