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How a Health Navigator Can Help You

A health navigator is an expertly trained guide whose job is to provide clinical assistance as well as emotional and spiritual support. This complimentary service includes:

  • Answering your questions and explaining information
  • Connecting you with physicians and specialists
  • Connecting you and your family with resources and support services
  • Communicating with your doctors and serving as a constant link between you and the health care team
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Scheduling private tours of facilities
Cynthia Hawley

Cynthia Hawley, RN, MSN

Multi-Service Line Clinical Health Navigator

Cynthia has been a nurse with AdventHealth since 2006, and has over 18 years of expertise in medical-surgical, oncology and gynecology.

Cynthia’s passion for nursing grew from a strong Christian upbringing. Her goal is to provide quality care and make your health care journey easy by partnering with local providers. 

She says, “leading with a servant’s heart, an extended hand, and the power of prayer provided here will help Seminole county grow as a whole.”

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A Headshot of Gabriela Ramirez

Gabriela Ramirez

Health Navigator

Gabriela Ramirez, ASN, RN has been a nurse at AdventHealth since 2016. Having gained experience at AdventHealth Altamonte has allowed her to care for a large range of patient conditions. Gabriela’s mission is to understand the importance of the individualized and holistic care every patient requires. Gabriela comes from a large Latino family and is fluent in Spanish. Gabriela’s love of her family connects her to all patients, making her personal commitment to care for each patient as if they were her own family. Gabriela’s approach to whole patient care is to treat everyone as an individual with empathetic and compassionate care through everyone’s specific health journeys. Gabriela leads with love  and says, “the biggest honor as a nurse is when a patient shares that you have loved them like a family member.”

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Care Coordinator Laura Harshman

Laura Harshman, RN, BSN

Birth Experience Coordinator

As your birth experience coordinator, Laura helps you design a customized birth plan that meets your unique wishes. She has more than two decades of nursing experience and has been a member of the AdventHealth team for over 15 years.

Our goal is to provide each new mom-to-be with the individual support and education she needs. Laura helps guide you through your birth process from pregnancy to delivery, and throughout postpartum care.

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A headshot of female Chantal_Parzygnat

Chantal Parzygnat

Substance Use Navigator

Chantal Parzygnat, MSW, LCSW, has worked at AdventHealth since 2009 as a Social Worker for both the oncology and emergency departments. She believes that compassion is at the heart of any therapeutic approach, and uses the personal motto “love the person, hate the disease,” Chantal found her niche’ working with patients with substance use disorders, and is passionate about providing whole-person care to our community.

What is a SUD Navigator?
A SUD (Substance Use Disorder) Navigator is a specially trained Licensed Clinical Social Worker who provides resources and support to all who are in need of assistance with substance abuse. This confidential service is available free of charge to individuals and their families that need assistance.

To speak to Chantal Parzygnat, call Call407-795-4777 or email [email protected].

Doreen Forsythe, Women's Health Navigator

Doreen Forsythe, RN, BSN

Women's Health Navigator

Our Women’s Health Navigator is a specially trained registered nurse that is available to help coordinate the women's health care services you need and answer any questions you may have. Whether you want to find an obstetrician or schedule your next mammogram, your navigator can connect you with the right doctors and resources to ensure you receive the best treatment available.

To speak with our Women’s Health Navigator, call 407-720-5191.