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You’re Protected From Any Billing Surprises

When the unexpected happens and you or a family member needs emergency care, the cost should be the last thing on your mind. Federal legislation and our commitment to caring for our communities prevent you from any unanticipated bills once you go home.

Our dedicated teams will screen and treat you regardless of your ability to pay. You have a right to ask questions regarding your treatment options and cost, and you have a right to receive prompt and reasonable responses to questions and requests.

Rest assured that you cannot be balance-billed for emergency services you receive in one of our freestanding emergency rooms or our hybrid emergency and urgent care centers. Read more below about how we protect you from balance billing.

Your Legal Protection From Balance Billing

Surprise billing — also called balance billing — is an unexpected balance after receiving hospital services. This often happens when you don’t control who is involved in your care, like during an emergency.

However, the federal No Surprises Act and local Colorado law protect you from balance billing for emergency services. If you have an emergent health issue and are seen at any of our offsite emergency departments or emergency and urgent care clinics, your bill will be limited to your insurance plan’s in-network cost-sharing amount (such as copayments, coinsurance and deductibles). Your health plan will directly pay any additional costs to out-of-network providers and facilities.