Gaby Mielz

Program Coordinator, CREATION Life Employees

Gaby Mielz is the Program Coordinator for the Creation Life Employees team at AdventHealth. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Health Service Administration from the University of Central Florida and was the Formal Recruitment Chair of the Alpha Delta Pi Sorority. She is passionate about inspiring change in others and loves to help people by giving them the tools to lead a healthier lifestyle. In her career she finds enjoyment in being able to see changes take place and the impact it makes within the workplace.

When Gaby is not educating and empowering employees at AdventHealth to achieve their health and wellness goals through mind, body and spirit, she loves spending time with her family in South Florida and traveling when the opportunity arises.

Choice, Rest, Environment, Activity, Trust, Interpersonal Relationships, Outlook, Nutrition, Creation Life