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Low-intervention birthing suite provides new option for expecting mothers at AdventHealth Altamonte Springs

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Low-intervention birthing suite provides new option for expecting mothers at AdventHealth Altamonte Springs

ALTAMONTE SPRINGS, Fla. — “I really wanted to have a natural birth, it was really important to me,” said Natalia Osorio, AdventHealth patient. “I did my research and found how beautiful it was to have a natural birth. I wanted to experience that and the benefits that come from having a natural birth. It was empowering.”

For pregnant mothers, like Osorio, who are seeking low-intervention birth experience, have more options than ever before. At AdventHealth Altamonte Springs, a low-intervention birthing suite is available for those who do not want to use medication during delivery.  

The Baby Place® at AdventHealth Altamonte Springs, part of the AdventHealth for Women network, is home to Central Florida’s first hospital-based low-intervention birthing suite, which is an addition to the existing low intervention care. This new service offers a comfortable setting for labor and birth.

“This is a unique suite because it brings everything from a home-like environment to have a natural birth but within the safety and security of being at a hospital-based suite,” said Heather Gasher, director for women’s services at AdventHealth Altamonte Springs.

The suite offers a full-sized bed, aromatherapy, dim lighting, a calm environment, labor tub and other birthing amenities such as peanut balls, squat balls and more. The suite is larger than the other rooms, providing more space to move around and ample space for the family.

“For us it was a good experience. It was nice to have that “whole me” feeling of being in this room but also have the security of being in the hospital in case something went wrong,” added Osorio. “We had dim lights, music, we had prayer and meditation on the speakers and the labor tub.”

The low-intervention birthing suite is an option for women who desire minimal medical intervention during birth, able to cope with the pain of labor without an epidural, have prepared for labor/birth with a childbirth education class or given birth without an epidural before and have a healthy, low-risk pregnancy.

“My baby is Adrian Camilo; he is four months old. He is doing so good. I have been blessed to be at home with him and see him grow,” Osorio said.

There are some circumstances under which women may require transfer out of the low-intervention birthing suite to one of the hospitals medically equipped labor rooms.

Natalia says if she ever has another baby, she will certainly have another low-intervention birth at AdventHealth.

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