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World-Class Geriatric Care, Made Simple

As a current patient, you’re already familiar with some of the many benefits of AdventHealth Well 65+ — from our calming and spacious geriatric practices to our compassionate providers, we deliver a health care experience that no other Primary Care provider does.

We’ll continue to make your care simple, easy and streamlined, with benefits like:

  • Same- and next-day appointments access to members of your care team.
  • In-person and video visits to meet your needs.
  • More personalized care and time with your physicians. Up to 60 minutes as needed.
  • 24/7 access to your care team by phone or online.
  • On-site lab work.
  • A licensed clinical social worker to help reduce barriers to care, from transportation needs to mental health counseling.
  • Your care team works with your specialists to schedule appointments and coordinate your care.

How to Make the Make the Most of Your Geriatric Primary Care

With our team based approach, we’re here to empower you to take charge of your health. You can get the most out of your care when you:

  • Partner with your personal physician to manage your health care needs
  • Contact your geriatric care team before going to an ER or urgent care (unless it is a medical emergency)
  • Discuss all concerns and treatment options with your personal geriatrician so your physician can team up with your specialist to create and optimal care plan
  • Get to know your Personal Health Coach by adding their dedicated phone number to your contacts for easy acceptability
  • Notify your care team if you will be out of the area for an extended so they can suggest the best care plan while you are away and ensure your medication refills are available
  • Notify your geriatric care team if you are treated somewhere outside of your AdventHealth Well 65+ to best coordinate your care.

Know Where to Go

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  • Call Your Well 65+ Care Team For

    Backaches and pains
    Chronic illnesses
    Colds and flu
    Earaches or sinus pain
    Heat exhaustion
    High blood pressure
    Minor burns
    Prescription refills
    Sore throat
    Strains and sprains

  • When It’s a Serious Emergency

    If you are experiencing a serious (life-threatening) emergency, go to the nearest emergency room (ER) immediately. The ER is not for chronic problems or minor conditions. Examples of serious emergencies include:

    Chest pain
    Drug overdose
    Difficulty breathing
    Head injury
    Loss of consciousness
    Poison ingestion
    Possible stroke
    Uncontrollable bleeding

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