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5 Ways to Meet Your Goals in the New Year

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A new year signals all of us to think about new beginnings. It’s exciting to envision a healthier you, in body, mind and spirit.

As you age, the steps you need to take to reach your health goals might seem more difficult than in years past. Know that we’re here to support you in making your visions of the new year attainable with a positive outlook, a boost in confidence and these goal-setting tips.

Start By Setting Realistic Goals

One thing that can get in the way of us achieving our health goals is setting unrealistic expectations for ourselves. If the goals are too challenging to meet, it’s easy to get discouraged when a lack of progress occurs. This year, be honest about what is likely for you to achieve within an accurate time frame. It will help you to stay motivated along your path to meeting your goals and feeling whole.

Be Specific

This year, set specific goals with a mix of short- and long-term timelines. For example, instead of saying, “I will lose weight and be healthy,” be specific and say, “I will cut out soda from my diet,” “I will quit smoking,” or “I will exercise three times a week.”

You can lose weight and engage in healthy behaviors that promote whole health in various ways, so be specific about how you will do this when setting your goals. As a result, your new year’s whole-health journey will be more successful.

Write It Down

By writing down your goals and the actionable ways you plan on achieving them, you are solidifying your intentions instead of just thinking about them. Doing this will also help you keep track of any challenges you encounter or, even better, celebrate your achievements along the way.

Be Kind to Yourself

It may be a tradition to set goals at the beginning of the new year, but that doesn’t mean you only have a year to achieve them. Some goals may take a few months to achieve, while others can take years — and that’s OK. Give yourself both grace and the time you need to be successful.

If you set a goal to work out three times a week but were only able to do so once or twice a week for a short time, see this as still making progress towards feeling whole. In the next year, start your goal where you left off.

Look to Your Whole-Health Experts

Achieving goals is always easier (and more fun) with a partner by your side. So lean on us, your whole-health experts. One of our Well 65+ physicians can help guide you by assisting you with prioritizing your health goals and creating a personalized plan to help you achieve them. Within our network of care, we can support your journey to whole health.

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