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Unleash the Power of the Stress Recovery Effect

Stress. It can harm you or help you. Pull you down or propel you forward. Stress is one of the greatest health challenges of our day. How you handle stress may be the deciding factor of success in your personal and professional life

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Did you know that not all stress is bad? Research reveals an Optimal Stress Zone where you will not simply survive, but thrive! Grounded in science, The Stress Recovery Effect equips you with proven strategies to bounce back from stress's negative effects.

While many people endure stress, few take time to teach themselves how to recover. The simple yet powerful techniques in this book will equip you to overcome even the worst stress.

Praise for The Stress Recovery Effect

These lifesaving concepts are taught by the FBI because they work. Learn and embrace the strategies. They will work for you as well.

  • Philip P. Hayden, Ed.D., Retired Supervisory Special Agent of the FBI

I’ve used the techniques in this book to improve my professional performance.

  • Jared Mees, Seven-time grand national champion, American Flat Track Racing

Filled with simple effective strategies and down-to-earth tips—your own personal stress-management coach.

  • Joan Borysenko, Ph.D., New York Times bestselling author of Minding the Body, Mending the Mind

Sound, logical tools to understand how stress can affect and even help us.

  • Larry Smith, Designer of high-performance boats; founder of Team Scarab and Kona Concepts

Offers mental, physical, and spiritual exercises to help heal the stressed-out mind and body.

  • Charles S. Mahan, MD, Dean and Professor Emeritus, University of South Florida College of Public Health; Former Director, State of Florida Department of Health

Both at the racetrack and in business this book will help you attain peak performance.

  • Gary Gray, Vice President, Indian Motorcycle Company

A plethora of practical tools to help you gain back control when stresses run high.

  • Alan Nelson, MD, Psychiatrist

How to Stop Stress in 2 Minutes

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About the Authors

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author Nick Hall

Nick Hall, PhD

Nick Hall, PhD is an internationally recognized psychoneuroimmunologist and professional speaker who has conducted groundbreaking research on the relationship between the mind, emotions, and health. He is the author of Winning the Stress Challenge and I Know What to Do, So Why Don’t I Do It?

author Dick Tibbits

Dick Tibbits

Dick Tibbits, DMin is a performance coach to top NASCAR, X-Game, Flat Track, and Supercross athletes. With over 30 years of healthcare leadership experience, he is also an executive coach to healthcare administrators. He is the author of the Forgive to Live book series, based on his original research, published internationally in eight languages.

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Pages: 360 pages

Product dimensions: 6 in x 9 in

Language: English

Available in paperback, eBook, and audiobook at your favorite online retailer.

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