A Provider Checks a Patient's Heart in an Exam Room

Heart Health Screenings From Primary Care+

At AdventHealth Primary Care+, we’re here for you wherever you are on your journey to whole health. We offer a variety of primary care services, including heart health screenings, to empower you to actively manage your health.

Our flexible scheduling, including same- and next-day appointments and extended hours on evenings and weekends, helps you seamlessly integrate preventive health care into your busy life.

Our Heart Health Screening Services

Our primary care providers offer a wide range of heart health screenings to protect your long-term wellness. Learn more about how we support your heart health below.

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  • A Physician Checks Her Patient's Blood Pressure

    Blood Pressure Monitoring

    Knowing your blood pressure measurement helps identify potential cardiovascular risks, allowing our providers to prescribe preventive measures and offer lifestyle changes to reduce your risks.

  • A Patient Speaks to a Provider in an Exam Room as She Goes Over His Vitals on a Tablet

    Cholesterol Testing

    Cholesterol level testing examines the concentrations of the lipids in your blood that play a role in heart health. This blood test, also called a lipid panel, assesses your risk of heart disease and helps your provider decide on treatment.

  • Gloved hand holding genetic sample

    Genetic Testing for Heart Conditions

    Genetic testing for heart conditions involves analyzing DNA to identify specific genes associated with cardiovascular diseases. This testing is particularly relevant for people with a family history of hereditary heart conditions.

Benefits of Heart Health Screenings

When you visit Primary Care+, you’re not coming to just another medical clinic. We’re a multidisciplinary team that’s part of a larger, connected network of care. We’ll refer you to specialists and expand your health care team when necessary. We’re ready to look after your whole health in body, mind and spirit.

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  • Flexible Scheduling

    Many of our AdventHealth Primary Care+ locations offer weekend and extended evening hours to help you and your family get the care you need when you need it. With our same- and next-day options, scheduling an appointment is a breeze.

  • Onsite Labs

    With AdventHealth Primary Care+, there’s no need to drive to an additional location to get the lab tests you need. Onsite lab testing helps us provide better care through immediate testing, diagnosis and treatment.

  • Early Detection of Cardiac Conditions

    We want to detect heart diseases or conditions in their earliest stages, often before you even notice symptoms. Heart health screenings lead to early detection, enabling timely intervention and management through exercise, diet or medication. This window of opportunity for effective treatment can potentially prevent disease progression.

  • Cost-Effective Health Care

    Treating heart conditions in their early stages is less expensive than managing advanced conditions requiring extensive interventions. Early detection and intervention can prevent complications that would require costly medical procedures or long-term care.

  • Improved Quality of Life

    Early detection empowers you to take control of your health, leading to a sense of agency and confidence in your well-being. When the right health screenings are used to identify issues early on, we can prevent or alleviate discomfort, pain and limitations in daily activities.

Find Heart Health Screenings Near You

When you need expert comprehensive care on your schedule, all close to home, look no further than AdventHealth Primary Care+. With more than 20 locations, it’s convenient to find the whole-person care you and your family deserve. We make accessing primary care easy by offering next- and same-day appointments, evening and weekend hours and experienced providers, all right in your neighborhood.