A microdiscectomy is a minimally invasive procedure used to provide decompression for the spine. It’s also called a micro decompression procedure. It requires minimal recovery time and can offer significant pain relief, as well. For more information about microdiscectomy procedures or to set an appointment, contact Dr. Chetan Patel at AdventHealth Medical Group Spine Health by calling Call407-303-5452.

Why Is This Procedure Performed?

A microdiscectomy is performed to provide pain relief due to compressed nerves in the spine. In many instances, the pain relieved is actually in the legs, rather than in the back itself. The underlying cause is herniated disc material pressing on the spinal nerve. This minimally invasive surgery provides reduced recovery times, less pain overall and better results than open surgeries of the past.

Dr. Chetan Patel at AdventHealth Medical Group Spine Health can help you determine if this is the cause of your leg pain or back pain, or if there is another underlying cause. It should be noted that some patients will require a laminectomy in addition to this procedure (used to remove the lamina from the vertebra in question so the surgeon can access the nerve).

How Does It Work?

It’s important to understand that this type of procedure does not change the structure of the lower spine – it is minimally invasive, offers very little recovery time and there is no need for hardware to be installed. The surgeon will make a minor incision in the skin, through which an operating microscope is inserted so that the surgeon can better view the area and make smaller incisions. The vertical muscles overlying the area are moved out of the way, and then Dr. Chetan Patel will remove a membrane over the nerve roots. The root is moved to the side, before disc material is removed. Some of the joint material may also be removed during this process. The wound is closed with two sutures, and a small dressing is applied.

Recovery Time with Microdiscectomy Procedures

Recovery with this type of procedure is very minimal. Most patients will go home the same day as the surgery, and will be able to walk without any assistance. Pain from the surgery is usually controlled using a prescription. However, full recovery can take some time. For those with sedentary jobs (desk jobs), they can return to their normal work duties within two weeks to a month. Those with more strenuous jobs will need to wait a little longer (up to two months) to ensure that they are completely healed.

Results of the Procedure

Patients undergoing this procedure often report significant pain reduction right after surgery (thanks to the fact that the disc material is no longer pressing on the nerve). Studies have shown that so long as no other discs are herniated, the pain relief from this procedure can last indefinitely.

For more information about microdiscectomy procedures, to set an appointment or to speak with Dr. Chetan Patel, contact AdventHealth Medical Group Spine Health by calling Call407-303-5452.