Revision microdiscectomy procedures are undertaken when the primary discectomy does not provide the desired results, or when compression symptoms return. Revision surgery is not undertaken lightly, as there is a higher rate of complications with repeated surgeries. However, in some instances it is necessary, particularly if only a portion of the disc was removed originally, and herniation occurs again. To discuss your options in terms of revision surgery, contact Dr. Chetan Patel at AdventHealth Medical Group Spine Health by calling Call407-303-5452.

Why Is Revision Surgery Necessary?

For many patients, the most pressing question here is why revision microdiscectomy surgery is necessary in the first place. There is no single answer that will cover everyone. However, there are some common reasons that may apply. The most common is continued herniation or collapse in a disc when only the herniated portion was removed during the primary surgery. If this occurs (and there is always a chance that it will), then revision surgery will be necessary to either: a) remove the newly herniated disc material or b) remove the disc entirely and fuse the vertebras.

Other common causes of revision microdiscectomy include failure to take rehabilitation and lifestyle changes seriously after surgery. Patient follow through is a significant contributing factor in the incidence of revision surgery. Additionally, failure to follow post-operative care instructions can also play a serious role here, particularly if the patient returns to strenuous activity before the surgeon releases him or her to do so (essentially, going back to regular life without being fully healed).

The Risk for More Recurrences

If revision surgery is necessary because of hernia recurrence, there is a significant chance that the patient will experience continued recurrences after the revision procedure. Because of this, many surgeons recommend complete disc removal and spine fusion rather than another microdiscectomy procedure. However, this will not be the right course of action for all patients experiencing hernia recurrence. A full consultation at AdventHealth Medical Group Spine Health with Dr. Chetan Patel will help you understand your options, the potential outcome for revision surgery and whether spinal fusion is a better choice.

Low Rate of Revision

For patients contemplating a primary microdiscectomy, it should be noted that most procedures are entirely successful with no need for revision surgery. This is particularly true in the case of minimally invasive procedures that do not use the back of the neck as the incision point for accessing the spine. By going through either the right or left side of the neck, the surgeon can access a great deal more of the disc space in question and ensure complete removal of all herniated material, thus reducing the chance of revision surgery being needed due to herniation recurrence.

If you have experienced a hernia recurrence after microdiscectomy surgery, or you’re contemplating a primary surgery due to neck, shoulder or back pain, contact Dr. Chetan Patel at AdventHealth Medical Group Spine Health for a full consultation and evaluation of your case. Call Call407-303-5452 to make an appointment.