Carolyn Cooley

Carolyn Cooley, PharmD

Hometown: Ocala, FL
Pharmacy School: University of Florida

Dr. Cooley chose AdventHealth Winter Park because her experiences through APPE rotations with AdventHealth were educational and the preceptors were genuinely invested in her learning. She wanted to continue learning through a residency with a team that valued teaching, so she chose to pursue AdventHealth. Once she met the preceptors in the interviews, she felt like she had found a place that fit her. This year she is looking forward to expanding and building upon her knowledge to become a confident practitioner. When she's not at the hospital, Dr. Cooley enjoys weightlifting, gardening, crafting, and hanging out with friends and her dog. Upon completion of residency, Dr. Cooley hopes to work in a multidisciplinary team in a hospital to provide patient care as well as precept future professionals.

Rianna Rae

Rianna Rea, PharmD

Hometown: Russellville, AR
Pharmacy School: University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

Dr. Rea chose AdventHealth Winter Park because of all the opportunities available to residents. Every program is unique in the rotational opportunities it provides. During her interview, she instantly clicked with the director, coordinator, and preceptors and knew this was the program for her. She chose AdventHealth to be able to work with these people and advance herself as a pharmacist. This year she is excited to build her comfort level in the hospital as a clinical pharmacist. Her past pharmacy work experience has been solely in the community retail setting, so this new experience in the hospital is very exciting! When she's not at the hospital, Dr. Rea enjoys tending to her houseplants, journaling, and going to the beach. Being new to the Orlando area, she is excited to take advantage of the entertainment opportunities Orlando provides by going to several concerts and comedy shows, and plans on going to the beach since it’s not too far. Upon completion of residency, Dr. Rea hopes to become a well-rounded, flexible clinical pharmacist. She would like to be able to serve on all floors of a hospital and feel confident in all patient care areas.