Alice Hou, PharmD

Hometown: Gainesville, FL
Pharmacy School: University of Florida

Dr. Hou chose to pursue residency at AdventHealth Orlando for the opportunity to train at a large institution that serves a diverse patient population. She is excited to be with a large group of co-residents to share this experience with. With the supportive environment of the pharmacy team, she is confident she can grow to be a successful pharmacist at AdventHealth Orlando. Alice is looking forward to all the diverse rotations and going to ASHP Midyear with her co-residents! When she has free time, she likes to bake, cook and play video games with her friends. Alice is new to the Orlando area and plans on exploring the restaurants in the area and experiences like Magical Dining. Dr. Hou's post residency goals are to pursue a PGY2 in Critical Care or Internal Medicine. After residency, she hopes to give back to the profession through teaching.


Alyssa Cox, PharmD

Hometown: Tamarac, FL
Pharmacy School: University of Florida - Jacksonville Campus

Dr. Cox chose AdventHealth Orlando because of the large variety of opportunities available. She really values the strong learning environment AdventHealth Orlando provides and knew this program would help her grow to be a strong clinical pharmacist. Her interest in Oncology inspired her to find a residency program that was highly skilled in providing care to patients with cancer and knew AdventHealth would prepare her to practice at the top of her license. Alyssa is looking forward to working in various specialties alongside highly trained pharmacists to be able to expand her clinical knowledge and skills. She is excited to work with the interdisciplinary team to make meaningful impacts on patient care. In her free time, Alyssa likes to spend time with her dog, Tilly, and hang out with her friends and co-residents! She enjoys all types of arts and crafts, especially painting and DIYs. Whenever she has a free day she loves taking a day trip to the beach or Disney! Dr. Cox is a Florida native but a new Orlando resident. She enjoys taking trips to Disney with her co-residents and exploring new restaurants. She is also excited about the wide array of dog-friendly areas Orlando has to offer so she can take her dog around the town! Dr. Cox hopes to complete a PGY2 in oncology, with her other interests including Infectious Diseases. After completing her residency, she hopes to work as a clinical inpatient oncology pharmacist and obtain board certification. Dr. Cox hopes to continue to share her passion for pharmacy as a preceptor and mentor for pharmacy students!


Angela Bundy, PharmD

Hometown: Apopka, FL
Pharmacy School: University of Florida

Dr. Bundy chose to pursue a residency at AdventHealth Orlando because she felt the program would challenge her and present opportunity for growth and development to become the best pharmacist for her future patients. She is most excited about getting to know her co-residents and building upon the foundation of her pharmacy knowledge! Angela loves going to Disney, the beach, and reading a good book. She is not new to the Orlando area but she enjoys spending time with family and friends, visiting the springs in the surrounding areas, and going to Disney. Dr. Bundy is interested in pursuing a PGY-2 in the areas of either critical care or emergency medicine.


Daniella Abi Kheir, PharmD

Hometown: Dhour El Choueir, Lebanon
Pharmacy School: Lebanese American University (LAU)

Dr. Abi Kheir chose AdventHealth Orlando because of its large medical facilities with plenty of learning experiences. It's a family-like environment with a strong support system of a large group of co-residents, a dedicated program director and expert preceptors. Dr. Abi Kheir is looking forward to enjoying this year and hopes to make the most out of it! In her free time, Daniella enjoys shopping, dancing ballet and exploring new places with her friends. Dr. Abi Kheir is new to the Orlando area and is looking forward to trying new restaurants. She plans to pursue a PGY2 in Critical Care. In the long term her career goals are to become a Board Certified Critical Care Pharmacist and hold a teaching role at a university.


Evelyn Conroy, PharmD, MBA

Hometown: Hopkinton, RI
Pharmacy School: University of Rhode Island

Dr. Conroy decided to pursue residency training at AdventHealth Orlando because she loved the idea of a big residency class, the wide variety of electives offered in her areas of interest, and the diverse patient population served by the hospital. She knew AdventHealth would expose her to unique and challenging experiences while also providing a strong support system. This year she is eager to grow into a well-rounded and confident clinician with the guidance of her preceptors and co-residents. She is especially excited about working on her longitudinal projects like her pharmacotherapy grand rounds presentation and her research project. Evelyn is especially looking forward to working on her longitudinal research project and pharmacotherapy grand rounds presentation. In her free time, Evelyn loves to listen to live music, roller-skate, try new places to eat, and test her trivia skills watching jeopardy. Dr. Conroy is new to the Orlando area and is hoping to try new restaurants and explore the outdoor activities that Orlando has to offer. Upon completion of residency, Dr. Conroy hopes to pursue a PGY2 in oncology. She plans to eventually work in either an acute or ambulatory setting as a clinical pharmacy specialist while also precepting students or working in academia.


Heeyun Choi, BS, MS, PharmD

Hometown: Pohang, South Korea
Pharmacy School: Nova Southeastern University College of Pharmacy

Dr. Choi's decision to join AdventHealth Orlando was influenced by the institution's remarkable diversity and substantial size, which promise abundant and distinctive learning opportunities. Dr. Choi is looking forward to becoming a well-rounded pharmacist by the end of the residency program. Her hobby is working out at the gym. Heeyun is new to Orlando, and she would love to visit Epcot theme park in Disney World. Dr. Choi is interested in the field of oncology and hematology and is looking to pursue a PGY2 in oncology.


Hunter Curry, PharmD

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
Pharmacy School: West Virginia University School of Pharmacy

Dr. Curry chose AdventHealth Orlando for his residency because of the high acuity of patients, unique learning opportunities, and the supportive learning environment with preceptors that value education and well-being. He is excited to work at a hospital where pharmacists are highly valued and integrated into direct patient care. Hunter is looking forward to enriching his clinical knowledge through all the unique experiences AdventHealth has to offer. When he is not at the hospital, you can find him at a local coffee shop, brewery, or trying out a new restaurant. Being new to Florida and a big soccer fan, he hopes to attend some Orlando City games in his free time. Upon completion of his PGY-1 residency, Dr. Curry plans to pursue a PGY-2 in pediatrics or infectious diseases. Dr. Curry plans to become board certified in his specialty and work at a large medical center where he can precept students and residents.


Kassidy Morgan, PharmD, MBA

Hometown: Louisville, KY
Pharmacy School: University of Kentucky

Dr. Morgan chose AdventHealth Orlando because of the variety of opportunities offered that allows for exposure to a diverse patient population providing a learning environment that is conducive to becoming a well-rounded pharmacist. Additionally, she loved the idea of having a large residency class and support system. Kassidy is looking forward to spending time with her co-residents and developing her clinical skills. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her husband and their dog Packer. Being new to the Orlando area, she is excited to explore local parks, try new restaurants, and spend time at Disney World. Dr. Morgan is interested in pursuing PGY2 training in Oncology as well as obtaining board certification. She aspires to work in an institutional or ambulatory care setting where she could precept students.


Katarina Lambertson, PharmD

Hometown: West Palm Beach, FL
Pharmacy School: University of Florida College of Pharmacy

Dr. Lambertson chose AdventHealth Orlando because of the wide variety of rotations and experiences offered by such a large medical facility, in addition to the large residency class size and support system. She is looking to expand her knowledge of different clinical areas and disease states in order to become a well-rounded clinical pharmacist and lay a foundation for her future career. Katarina is looking forward to Midyear and bonding with her residency class. When she is not in the hospital, Katarina enjoys cooking, photography, and exploring Orlando with her friends. Most importantly, she loves spending time with her dog, Hazel! Dr. Lamberston plans to visit the springs, explore downtown Winter Park, and find new parks to walk her dog, Hazel. Upon completion of residency, Dr. Lambertson plans to pursue a PGY2 in pediatrics and hopes to practice in a pediatric critical care setting in the future while precepting students and residents.


Kayla Hutto, PharmD

Hometown: Chapin, SC
Pharmacy School: University of South Carolina College of Pharmacy

Dr. Hutto chose AdventHealth Orlando for residency due to the wide variety of rotations offered and how welcome she felt during her interview. She also wanted the opportunity to make lots of new friends and connections by having a large residency class. Kayla is looking forward to expanding on her clinical knowledge and becoming more confident as a pharmacist, while making lifelong friendships with her co-residents. Dr. Hutto enjoys spending time outdoors: relaxing at the beach, tubing at the lake, hiking in the mountains - anything you can think of. She also enjoys playing board games or trying new arts and craft. Dr. Hutto is new to the Orlando area and has never been to Disney before, so she is most excited about becoming an annual passholder and visiting all of the parks. Dr. Hutto is interested in pursuing a PGY2 in critical care or pediatrics. She hopes to obtain board certification after PGY2 and become a preceptor to future pharmacy students and residents.

Foster-Haster Madeleine

Madelleine Foster, PharmD

Hometown: Mt. Prospect, IL
Pharmacy School: Ohio Northern University

Dr. Foster decided to pursue residency at AdventHealth Orlando because she appreciated the wide range of rotations that were offered. She is looking forward to making lasting friendships with her coresidents. In her free time, Madelleine enjoys traveling and hopes to make a trip to Ireland at the end of residency. She also enjoys spending time with her friends, family, and two dogs: Frankie and Primrose. Being new to Florida, Madelleine hopes to explore the area and enjoy some long walks on the beach. Madelleine intends to complete a PGY-2 in either oncology or emergency medicine with the hope to pursue a career as a clinical pharmacist once she completes residency.


Nakul Gheewalla, PharmD

Hometown: Orlando, FL
Pharmacy School: University of Florida - Orlando Campus

Dr. Gheewalla chose AdventHealth Orlando for the opportunity to train in a large academic institution with a diverse patient population that offers so many unique rotational experiences. This year Nakul is looking forward to working with his co-residents and learning from skilled clinicians to become a well-rounded clinical pharmacist. He is excited for all of the challenges and successes that this year will bring but with a great support system Nakul is looking forward building up his clinical knowledge and growing and developing as a professional. Dr. Gheewalla is looking forward to getting to know his co-residents and preceptors, and building on his clinical knowledge to grow and develop both professionally and personally. He is also looking forward to the opportunity to experience many specialized rotations and care for diverse patients and disease states. When he's not at the hospital, Dr. Gheewalla loves to spend quality time with his amazing family, enjoys going to the movies and with a Disney World annual pass plans to visit the theme parks as many times as he can! Dr. Gheewalla has been in the Orlando area for more than 10 years now, but he hopes to go to Disney World and try new restaurants. Dr. Gheewalla aspires to further his training by pursuing a PGY2 or obtain a position working in one of his areas of interest, such as cardiology or critical care.


Shani Flantzman, PharmD

Hometown: Brentwood, TN
Pharmacy School: University of Tennessee - Memphis

Dr. Flantzman chose AdventHealth Orlando for the opportunity to train in a hospital that has a wide array of rotation experiences and patient populations. She is excited to gain confidence as a clinical pharmacist and challenge herself personally and professionally. Dr. Flantzman is excited to go on interdisciplinary rounds and be able to make a direct impact on a patient's care. She is excited to work with all her co-residents, learn from the highly trained preceptors, and see disease states that are not very common. In Shani's free time she likes to explore new restaurants, breweries, kayak, watch movies, and hang out with friends. Being new to Orlando, she plans to explore the area and spend time at the beach/lakes. Most of all she is excited to go to the Orlando Magic and MSL games! Upon completion of residency, Dr. Flantzman plans to pursue a PGY2 in Cardiology or Internal Medicine but is keeping an open mind.


Shaunie Miller, PharmD

Hometown: Union, KY
Pharmacy School: University of Kentucky College of Pharmacy

Dr. Miller was excited to pursue residency training at AdventHealth Orlando because of the variety of rotation experiences offered in her areas of interest. During her schooling at the University of Kentucky she developed a passion for both cardiology and oncology. She knew AdventHealth Orlando would provide her extensive opportunities to care for patients in each of these areas and to develop skills in managing more complex patient populations - such as those receiving extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) support. Shaunie is looking forward to being a part of a large residency class. She enjoys working with others and is excited to have such an awesome support system as she embarks on this new adventure! In her free time, Dr. Miller enjoys going anywhere on Disney property! She can often be spotted grabbing a snack at Epcot or walking around Disney’s Boardwalk Resort. Dr. Miller is hoping to visit one of the natural springs in Florida where she can swim or kayak with manatees. Dr. Miller is hoping to pursue a PGY2 in either cardiology or oncology. After completion of a PGY2, Dr. Miller would love to combine both of her passions and work as a cardio-oncology pharmacist where she could help patients who have been exposed to cardiotoxic cancer treatments.