Dakota Manford

Dakota Manford, PharmD

Hometown: Palm Coast, FL
Pharmacy School: University of South Florida Taneja College of Pharmacy

Dr. Manford chose AdventHealth because he felt that his goals for patient care aligned with AdventHealth's mission to provide care to treat the mind, body and spirit. Patient's are much more than just how they present to us in the hospital and being able to care for their mind and spirit ensures that we are providing the best possible care, ensuring outcomes are optimized and we are looking at more than just their physical status to help them achieve their healthcare goals. He felt that AdventHealth would provide him with an encouraging but challenging environment to develop his critical thinking skills to better provide patient-focused care. This year he is looking forward to continuing to learn and build upon the knowledge he gained in pharmacy school. He is excited to see how he will develop and grow over the year. When he's not at the hospital, Dr. Manford enjoys swimming, going to the beach, video games, and walking his dog. Upon completion of residency, Dr. Manford wants to continue to practice within a community hospital setting.