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AdventHealth Parker Chief Nursing Officer Calls AdventHealth Littleton Team Member Her Everyday Hero

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AdventHealth Parker Chief Nursing Officer Calls AdventHealth Littleton Team Member Her Everyday Hero

By Robin Clutters

“It was divine intervention.”

That’s the only way AdventHealth Parker Chief Nursing Officer Andrea Narvaez can explain her chance encounter with AdventHealth Littleton nurse Jaimie Behrent. On August 24, 2023, Andrea was riding her horse in Franktown when suddenly her horse bucked and she was thrown to the ground.

“I remember hitting the ground and I looked down and immediately knew I had a displaced left wrist fracture. My arm looked bad, and I was starting to get uncomfortable. I called my husband and the barn manager because, at that time, I didn’t think anybody had seen me,” said Andrea.

But someone had. Jaimie also boards her horse at the same barn and was out riding that night with a friend. Once she realized what happened, Jaimie sprang into action. She yelled for a barn employee to pick Andrea up in his ATV and called 911.

“I went running to where the employee was taking Andrea, and when I walked up to her, I saw her arm was not where it was supposed to be. I sat her down and started doing a neurological assessment because I was wondering if she had hit her head. Then I got on the phone with EMS to let them know she needed pain medication right away. I did my best to stabilize her fracture and keep her calm until the ambulance got there,” said Jaimie.

While waiting for the paramedics, Jaimie and Andrea realized they had a unique connection. Not only were they both nurses, but they both worked for AdventHealth.

“It was not a coincidence that we were brought together,” said Jaimie.

“God was there that night, there’s no other way to explain it,” said Andrea.

Once paramedics arrived, they rushed Andrea to AdventHealth Parker. The accident happened at 6 pm, and by 10 pm she was having emergency surgery. The next day, she was overjoyed to see a text from Jaimie, asking how she was doing.

“When I saw Jaimie’s message the next day, all I could think was, ‘Wow, there are good people left in this world.’ She didn’t have to respond that night, but she did, and I’ll always remember that.”

A month later, Andrea surprised Jaimie during the morning safety huddle at AdventHealth Littleton where Jaimie is an OR nurse. It was the first time they had seen each other since the accident. After hugs and some tears, Andrea had this to say to Jaimie:

“You became my everyday hero that night. You’ve imprinted on my heart in a way that I’ll never forget. It’s people like you that make a difference.”

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