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WFTV’s Greg Warmoth Joins AdventHealth’s Dr. Mark Socinski to Discuss His Cancer Journey — and How He Hopes His Message Will Save Others

Side by side headshots of Greg Warmoth and Mark Socinski
Greg Warmoth, WFTV anchor (left) and Dr. Mark Socinski, AdventHealth Cancer Institute executive medical director (right)

Greg Warmoth, long-time WFTV anchor, shares his journey with lip cancer — a tale of caution and hope — in this episode of AdventHealth’s Inspiring Wholeness podcast. He’s joined by Dr. Mark Socinski, executive medical director of the AdventHealth Cancer Institute.

“My mission is to tell people to get checked,” Warmoth says. “The odds are good. It may be nothing, but if it is, it can be fixed. You can be healed. You can move on.”

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