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AdventHealth East Orlando Unit Prepares UCF Nursing Students with Real-World Experience

As Central Florida’s population grows, the need for a high-quality, well-trained health care workforce grows alongside it.

To ensure the region’s future health care needs are met, AdventHealth is working with community partners to educate and train student nurses in a real-world setting.


Across Central Florida, AdventHealth has been establishing dedicated education units, or DEUs, where students work intensively with nurse leaders known as preceptors. At AdventHealth East Orlando, students from the University of Central Florida’s College of Nursing began working this fall on a DEU alongside AdventHealth nurses.

“Working with our great team members, and treating real-life patients, offers invaluable experience to student nurses,” said Lydia Hendrix, chief nursing officer at AdventHealth East Orlando. “We appreciate our partnership with UCF and look forward to collaborating for years to come as we address our workforce challenges.”

Read more about the DEU, and the collaborative work being done by AdventHealth, Orlando Health and the University of Central Florida to train the nursing workforce of the future, here.

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