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If you’ve been avoiding or delaying your mammogram because of COVID-19 concerns, we understand. But know that nothing is more important to us than your health, comfort and safety.

You may have assumed your doctor would tell you to hold off on health screenings right now, but that’s not the case. These kinds of screenings save lives and shouldn’t be delayed.

“As a primary care doctor, it’s my job to help you stay on track with age-appropriate preventive screenings, and mammograms are no exception,” says AdventHealth Winter Garden primary care provider Amanda Nadeau, DO. “It’s not only safe to get screened right now, it’s extremely important to your whole health.”

And if you haven’t had a mammogram before, we understand you might have even more questions or concerns about what to expect. This essential screening can save your life — and is usually quick enough to be done during your lunch break.

Put your mind at ease with some insights into what the imaging experience is like right now, and how enhanced safety precautions at our Winter Garden imaging center are already in place to protect you.

Prep for Success

On the day of your mammogram, there are a few important things you can do before you leave the house to make your experience more effective and comfortable.

Since you’ll be undressed from the waist up during your scan, it’s best to wear separates, not a dress, jumpsuit or romper.

Avoid wearing deodorant or topical creams because they can create an artifact (a shadow or image that blocks or skews the body part being imaged) on the images, which can mimic an abnormality and affect the interpretation of your results.

If you’ve had a mammogram before at a different facility, have your prior mammogram images and radiologist reports sent to your current imaging facility. Many patients bring their breast imaging records in hand to their mammogram appointment, which saves time and allows the radiologist to read and compare the images right away. If the office must request the imaging records on the day of the mammogram, it might delay your results. 

Checking In

For your peace of mind, you have the option of checking in for your appointment inside our facility and then waiting in your car until your appointment begins. In our waiting room, you can rest assured that social distancing is enforced, as well as other enhanced safety measures for your protection.

“Our priority is protecting our patients and team members while delivering the most comfortable and accurate imaging experience possible,” says AdventHealth Imaging Center Winter Garden radiologist Brian Reeves, DO. “We wear clean, fresh masks and gloves at all times and have plenty of them available for our patients, too.”

When your radiologist is ready for your appointment, you’ll need to provide the radiology team with your accurate health history, which includes information about your prior mammograms, family history of breast cancer and more. This helps your care team better interpret your images and determine if you are at a high risk of developing breast cancer.

The Mammogram Experience

Most women have a total of four pictures taken (two of each breast) at slightly different angles. The technologist will carefully position you for each image to ensure the most amount of breast tissue is visible to the radiologist in a detailed scan. This usually takes only five to ten minutes at most.

“Our imaging machines and exam rooms are cleaned and sanitized thoroughly between patients,” explained Practice Manager Jim Laack, “and our rooms are extremely private. It is likely you only encounter one technologist and radiologist during your entire appointment.”

Prioritizing Preventive Screenings

Routine mammograms help detect cancer early when it is most treatable and beatable.

“Mammograms are an extremely effective tool in the fight against breast cancer,” says Dr. Reeves. “They can detect breast cancer up to two years before a tumor can be felt by you or your doctor. The price of delaying one can be your long-term health, and that’s not something we want you to risk.”

In about 30 minutes total, your yearly mammogram can be completed. Then, you can feel confident that you’ve done the important work of getting the preventive screening you need to detect breast cancer and safeguard your health. Your results should be sent to you within a few days to a week.

Your Winter Garden Imaging Team Is Here for You

We want to make it easier for you to take your health into your own hands and get your annual mammogram. If you are 40 or older, have not had any breast symptoms and have not had a mammogram in the last year, you don’t need a physician's order to get a screening mammogram. We’re ready when you’re ready. Call us to schedule your mammogram in Winter Garden today at 407-614-0565 or visit ScheduleYourMammo.com.

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