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The Importance of Participation and Diverse Representation in Research

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Clinical trials are an essential part of the process in testing new treatments, including drugs, devices and surgeries. These trials provide real-world evidence and answer important questions about the safety and effectiveness of new treatments.

The AdventHealth Research Institute offers more than 700 active clinical trials in 14 research areas, including exercise and metabolism, cancer, heart disease, brain health and more.

The benefits of joining a clinical trial, also called a study, include:

  • Access to new treatments before they become widely available
  • Extra attention from your medical team
  • May be compensated for their time
  • Sense of purpose from knowing you’ve helped others

Why Representation Matters in Research

It is important to have a diverse population in research to ensure that the findings are applicable to all patients. Different ethnicities, ages and genders may respond differently to a treatment and thus it is critical to study a diverse group of people. We believe that promoting diversity in clinical trials is vital for families and our communities. To achieve our goal of health equity, all communities must have fair and just opportunities to be diagnosed and treated. By participating, researchers can better understand the efficacy of new treatments, develop targeted therapies and improve overall health outcomes for everyone.

Where can I find current research studies?

Talking to your doctor is a great way to learn whether clinical trials may be an option for you. Because information about all clinical trials is posted online, you can search for yourself, too.

AdventHealth patients can learn about studies in their area by emailing us, calling Call407-303-7771 or by visiting

You can also search for clinical trials on a larger scale through a government website, There, you can search thousands of diseases or conditions and look for studies that are accepting patients around the world.

People are alive today because of others who volunteered to be part of clinical trials to test promising new treatments. AdventHealth believes clinical trials can not only advance medicine, they can provide another way to boost our patients’ spirits and give them hope.

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